Orgasm Counters
By David Wygant

When you have sex with a woman, do you count the orgasms she has like you are counting touchdown passes by Tom Brady? When you’re going down on her, are you secretly counting how many orgasms she has like the Colorado Rockies are scoring runs in the miraculous playoff run they had?

To you what matters more, pleasing her or feeding your ego? I have always found that men who count orgasms are usually men who are so self-absorbed that they actually make the worst lovers.

Granted, this type of man may have physical tools to get a woman off, but a woman is looking for emotional tools with which to connect. She doesn’t just want to just know that you can just manually stimulate her to five different orgasms like Tom Brady can spread the ball around to Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth and Wes Welker.

A woman is looking to have an orgasm that is not only physical, but emotional. She wants to be able to connect with you on a deeper emotional and spiritual level.

She doesn’t really want you to be a walking talking vibrator. She wants you to be a walking talking Tom Brady. She doesn’t want you to just complete touchdown passes . . . she wants you to lead her to a deeper level of connecting.

Having sex with a woman is not just about getting her to climax. It is about getting her to experience a higher level of intimacy than she ever has before.

Great sex with a woman is creating powerful intimacy between the two of you. So how do you create this powerful intimacy? Well, for those of you who like to invest in your sexual future, I go over this in extensive detail in my Men’s Audio Mastery Series [INSERT LINK].

It’s taken me years to really understand the depth of a woman’s mind, body and soul. When I have sex with a woman, I want her asking, begging and pleading for more.

My goal is not just to make her climax. I also want to make her experience something so powerful (emotionally, mentally and physically) that she gets lost in my words, my touch and my body. That is how you want a woman to feel when you’re having sex with her.

I have a few friends who are orgasm counters. My conversations with them usually go something like this:

DW: “How was last night?”
Them: “ I got her to cum five times!”
DW: “Wow . . . that’s great. (Like I care)”

We’re not in high school anymore. Why men feel like they have to impress other men by talking about the number of orgasms they gave a woman is beyond my realm of understanding. I know the reasons why they do it though.

They do it to prove to themselves that they are being a good lover. Being a good lover, however, really requires being able to listen and to know exactly how to please your woman emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Granted, if you’re just a booty call then it’s fine to be just an orgasm counter. If you’re looking to really connect with women, however, it’s time you stop counting orgasms and start counting deep erotic passionate kisses.

Check out today’s video on powerful conversation starters with women.