So I’m off to Germany today to work on a huge surprise I’ve got in store for all of my German guys! I will be in Munich for the next 5 days, so if anyone wants to meet up while I’m here and get some coaching just let me know.

As I’m writing this I’m still on a big high from the amazing London boot camp. We were really out about town all weekend long getting out of our comfort zones, interacting with and really engaging people all day and night.

You know it’s funny how many people will talk and talk about “playing the field.” They can spout theory and concepts on dating that they read in an e-book all day long. And they’re really good at telling other people how to do it “the right way”.

Are you one of those people that can call people out? When you’re online, can you really speak your mind and let everyone see how much you really know? With a stroke of your keyboard, can you type waterproof arguments and let others have it? Are you somebody who’s so powerful online that you’re able to say whatever you want in public forums and blogs—but then in person, you actually wouldn’t dare look somebody in the eyes and say that?

Do you know what I call those people? Keyboard jockeys. People who appear so amazing online, but when it comes down to real action, they are very weak. People who can tune right in to their computers and type away, comment after comment, thinking, “Wow, I’m bright, it feels great showing everyone how smart I am!” They’re better than everybody else online, but in person they would never talk to somebody like that.

Key Board Jockey

Here’s the deal: If your words are unbelievably strong online, but you can’t actually talk to people when you’re in person, then when you’re typing away on your computer, you’re really you’re just a keyboard jockey living through an alter ego. Isn’t it time to get out from behind the computer and be able to say things like this face to face with people? Don’t you want to be able to say in real time all the powerful things you can type away online?

Granted, you don’t want to say the ridiculous obnoxious things that some of you spout off online, but wouldn’t it be nice to look people in the eyes and actually speak your mind and really be heard with conviction and emotion in your voice? Maybe you wouldn’t be so obnoxious when you’re posting comments…

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE all of your comments on the blogs, it lets me know that what I write is really reaching out to you, so don’t think this is about any of you guys. But I write for several big publications and I see a lot of keyboard jockeys at work.

There’s another form of keyboard jockey, and that’s the person who goes on an online dating site, and basically talks and schmoozes, flirts like crazy, and writes heart-filled e-mails and has lengthy IM sessions. They’re really good at that, but they never actually go on dates to meet anybody because they’re too afraid to leave their computer. Sure, they can really turn somebody on with their words, but they always find reasons not to meet up. Why? Because they’re keyboard jockeys. Do you know of any keyboard jockeys, or maybe you are a keyboard jockey?

I’d like to hear from you guys today. Looking forward to reading your comments when I get to Munich!