Online datingHow many of you date online?

Time consuming isn’t it?

So many men, so little time. Then you have the problem that so many men lie on dating sites. There’s saying in the sales world that, “Buyers are liars.” It’s like in the online dating world; a lot of men are liars. They’re all fit and trim in their profiles, yet America is one of the fattest countries in the world. They’re all spontaneous and love romantic walks on the beach!

Hang on there guys. Most of the population lives inland. How the hell does someone from South Dakota take a romantic walk on the beach every day?

Men write about how passionate they are about life. They lie about their height, they lie about their age, and they lie about their weight. They put up a profile picture of them from about 8 years ago when the look half decent, and think you won’t tell the difference when you meet. A big majority of men will put a superhero version of themselves on their dating profiles. But it’s not just the men. Women write about how “down to earth” and “friendly” they are, yet so many women I see on the street don’t even know how to smile at a man. Where’s all this friendly spontaneity? Where’s the “openness?”

Here’s what I’m thinking right now. It’s time we stopped sitting in front of our computer, mentally masturbating about this dream man you think you’ve met. Successful online dating is VERY possible, but you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to know how to spot the frauds. Why don’t we become that down to earth, open, and friendly person we write about in our online profile?

Imagine being able to walk around with your dating profile on your front. Whenever a man passes you, he can look at you and say, “No way! I love walks on the beach with my dogs too!” or “You went to Italy last month? I was there too. Where did you stay?”

So what am I saying here?

If you walk around as open as you say you are online, you start communicating with men, and you make comments on the things  going on around you, you’ll have far more chance of meeting someone you like. Let’s say you’re in a jeans store and there’s a guy trying on some jeans. In your head you think, “I don’t really like those. I think he’d look better in the other color.”

You know what you do?

You say it to him. Just look at him and say, “Have you tried the other color on? I think they’d look really good on you.”

It’s just about saying what you think. It’s about authentically being that open, friendly woman you talk about on or OKCupid.

Think of it this way…

How an earth are you ever going to have those romantic walks along the beach living in Des Moins, Iowa, if you can’t find a guy living near a beach to fall in love with. Isn’t it time we all became the superhero fantasy version of ourselves we project on the dating sites?