Are you a person of your word? Are you someone who keeps their word?

When you say you are going to do something, do you actually follow through and do it? When you say you’re going to meet somebody, do you actually meet them at the time you stated you were going to meet them? When you’re going to do a favor for somebody, do you do that favor or does the person have to ask you to do it over and over again?

Living life with integrity means actually committing to the things you say and to the actions that you promise. Nothing irritates me more than when someone tells me they are going to do something, and then I have to hound them to get it done.

It’s annoying to have to ask someone five or six times before they will do what they said they would do. This is especially true in professional or business situation.

In business, if you have to ask someone somebody five or six times to do something, then it means that person is really not a good worker and doesn’t take pride in their work. Even in a personal setting, you should never have to ask a friend to something several times before they will do it. The same thing is true in a relationship.

Become somebody who commits to your word, and other people with really respect you so much more. Even more importantly, be a person of your word so that you can respect yourself.