Last night, Sonja and I went to something called First Fridays in Venice. It’s where all the merchants on Abbott Kinney stay open late, and it’s like a street party.

It used to be really mellow. You would go meeting interesting people. It wasn’t the hip and trendy scene it’s turned into now. Now, that it’s a hip and trendy scene, you’ve got a bunch of drunk 20-something people all over the place.

What is it about being in your 20s that make you have to get wasted as you can be (and become as rude as you can be)? Look, I’m not some old crabby guy. I’m sure I was rude when I was drunk in my 20s.

In California, though, Marijuana is as easy to get as a bottle of booze. All you have to say is that you have some kind of sickness. You stubbed your toe? Here’s your marijuana card.

All the drunk 20-somethings were pushing and shoving people, but in front of the medical marijuana store it was mellow with people just talking, laughing and having a good time. I’ve said it a thousand times, on every bottle of alcohol there should be this warning:


I’ve got nothing against people drinking. It’s just, why do the majority of people who drink turn into assholes? I mean, everyone was just walking down the street. There was no reason to push and shove. One person hit Daphne in the ass with their bike pedal, and they didn’t give a shit (or even notice).

European people often say ‘Dumb Americans can’t handle their booze.’ It’s funny, though, because neither can Brits or Irish people. So basically all of Europe except Britain and Ireland can handle their booze and Americans can’t.

It’s funny to watch the smokers as well. In Los Angeles, a lot of smokers are posers. They pose with their cigarettes like an ad from the 1950’s. Let’s see all the wonderful byproducts of smoking:


…and a slew of other amazing things that deteriorate your body on a daily basis. Oh yeah, that’s cool and attractive.

I think the reason why people turn into assholes when they consume alcohol is because their true personality comes out when they drink. I’m not saying the world is full of assholes. I just think people’s social frustrations really come out when they’re drunk.

Pot smokers chill out, have a conversation and enjoy the moment. That is, unless marijuana makes them paranoid. Then they become anxiety-filled.

People who drink are always looking to CTN (chase the night). Alcohol gives you the urgency to be somewhere else so you feel like you’re missing the party, and thus causing you to have the barrel down the street mentality.

Here’s a hint. Think of all the nights you’ve gotten wasted and chased the night. Tell me if you’ve ever gotten where you thought you wanted to be.

This is not an anti-alcohol blog. It’s an anti-bad human behavior blog. In fact, I had a great time last night!

It’s time you realized, though, that alcohol never really enhances the night. It just makes you anxious and gives you a feeling of missing the night (thus creating the CTN effect).

That’s all for today. I’m sure I’ll have more tomorrow, the next day and the day after that.

As for tonight, do something different. Make it your destination. Have fun with the people you’re with and learn how to attract (instead of chase) people into your life. It’s a lot more fun and a lot more satisfying. Not only that, you won’t wake up thirsty and hungover next to someone you wish wasn’t there.

So where do women hide from drunks that are chasing the night.

So do you really want to drink and either meet her or act like this woman.

Meet Drunk Women