Do you ever feel like you’re talking to somebody who is completely stoned? No matter what you say to them, it just doesn’t compute.

You think to yourself, “Do they just smoke pot all day long?” In California, pot is just about legal so the answer might be yes.

There are just some people who don’t take any pride in their job. They are what I call “perpetually out of it.” You always feel like they’re off in another world.

I’m somebody who takes real pride in their work. I try to remember everything that I do, and everything that I say. When I don’t, I apologize for it. If I forget to answer an email, I’ll apologize and say “Can you please send me that again so I can help you.”

There are some people, however, who just don’t take any pride in their job. They don’t like their job. They don’t enjoy their job. They think their job is beneath them, so they don’t do the best job they possibly can.

Something that I learned a long time ago, is that you have to do the best job possible no matter what job you’re doing. The only way to succeed in life is to do everything 100% and put your whole effort into everything you do.

By doing a great job in whatever you do, you’re going to succeed in life. You’re going to move forward in life. You’re also finally going to learn how to really connect with everyone else, because you’re going to be 100% present in everything you do.