Men can be so funny about their feelings can’t they?

One minute we’re hot, and then we’re cold. One minute we can’t get enough of you, the next you can’t get us out of our man cave. What is it about men that make us seem so afraid of commitment? Are men afraid of being in love? Do men even acknowledge the term “to be in love?”

This is a question put to me by a friend of mine during a live “Dear David” call on Youtube. You’ll see the video below shortly, but let’s look at the mystery surrounding men and our thoughts on love. Do men believe in and talk about love?

100% yes we do. At least the emotionally mature men among us do. In fact, we probably think and talk about it as much as women do. Think about it, sure some guys have this whole bravado where they talk about wanting to sleep with as many women as they can, but deep down what they’re really looking for is a girlfriend. I can’t tell you how many emails I get from men who say things like, “It’s great being able to meet lots of women, but what I really want is a girlfriend. I want to meet one special woman I can share my life with. Can you help me find her?”

Believe me ladies, it isn’t just you looking for your prince. Men want to find their princess too. We’re looking for that one amazing, beautiful woman we can adore and love. It’s a deep human need for connection. Are men afraid of being in love?

I don’t think we’re afraid of being in love. I think like all human beings, we’re afraid of having our feelings hurt. We’re afraid of giving ourselves to someone, and then finding out we just wasted years of our life with a woman who used and abused us. Are men afraid to commit? No. Men are afraid to commit with the wrong woman.

Men are afraid to commit to a woman that’s going to bust their balls or treat them like children. If you want a man to commit to you, you need to show him it’s safe. You need to show him you’re open, and you’re happy to treat him the way he wants to treat you. Show a man you want to connect with him and he’ll be yours for life.

Check out the video below and you’ll hear John and I talk about this in much more detail, and you’ll hear us answer another VERY common question live on the call. Enjoy!