What I’m doing tonight is the equivalent of all of you getting rid of your approach anxiety forever. It’s the equivalent of a four year old kid waking up on Christmas morning and getting that one present he’s been asking for all year long. It’s the equivalent of a wannabe actor getting to stand outside the red carpet on Academy Awards night.

Tonight is an event for which I’ve planned and done lots of research. It’s something that when it’s over, I want to do it again and again.

My brother and I have been on the phone six or seven times a day preparing for this yearly event. No, it’s not the Wygant family picnic or Daphne’s birthday.

No one is getting married and no one is having a baby. Those events would not even remotely come close to this. This is not a once-in-a-lifetime event like those. This happens yearly (although I know there are people who have babies — and maybe even get married — yearly).

As the clock strikes 5:00 pm PST today, I’ll be sitting at my desk with all my lists compiled, ready to make my first pick in the fantasy football draft. I’m in the 11th hole, so I’ll have to wait about 33 minutes, but I’ll be ready.

So tonight I will on a blog and email hiatus, because in six years of playing fantasy football I’ve made the playoffs five times. So there’s a lot on the line for me!

For those of you who don’t give a shit about fantasy football, let’s talk about how to approach women without waiting for confirmation.

We’re always studying body language and everything else and looking for that confirmation that never comes. Now you can blow the confirmation myth out of the water, and realize that you are in complete and utter control.

It’s just like when people decide to do a weekend Bootcamp. You learn better by being out in the field and doing things (instead of just “studying” things). You’re learning and understanding that the confirmation will never come, which is very powerful. You can have the feeling of actually being free.

If we know that the confirmation will never come, then really, what is stopping us? Think about it in terms of baseball. If you’re a baseball player, you’re always looking for a fastball. Most pitchers know that’s what you’re waiting for, so they’re not going to throw it to you.

So many hitters, though, will just sit there and wait for it. Minor league players do so well because minor league pitchers are just trying to throw heat. You can always hit heat, but those hitters never figure out why they do so well and yet are stuck in the minor league.

So now you know that in life you’ll never get that fastball thrown right in the center of the plate — ever — and if you ever do then congratulations.

It worked out for you, and it was easy. With that in mind, you can go out there and create things for yourself. You can create opportunities for yourself and not care about what she is thinking or doing.

It’s the same mindset you have when you go out there and really learn from doing. If you just do it on a daily basis, it’s going to work . . . plain and simple! Look at the odds. That’s what life is: playing the odds.