How many songs are written about love?

The Beatles certainly had a few.

In fact they said that ‘all you need is love…’, and that ‘love is all you need.’

Look at every country song about love and broken hearts.

How many broken-hearted movies are there?

How many lovesick poems are written?

Do you realize that the one thing that everybody wants is the one thing that they’ve

still never figured out?

Most people have no idea what love really is.

Sure, we hear it all the time from the self-help gurus in the turtlenecks:

“Self love this…”


“Attract love that…”

But how do you really know that the person you’ve attracted in your life is really the

“love” for you?

There’s a song that sums it up perfectly: “Love is Blind”

And it’s 100% true. The second someone thinks they’re in love, they become blind to

all the warning signs.

It’s been proven that the reasons why couples break up can be traced back to

warning signs or behaviors displayed during the first 30 days of the relationship.

But these warning signs were ignored.

Why? Because you needed love, you were sowing the seeds of love, and you were

under the influence of the power of love.

Wouldn’t you like to know the second you meet somebody whether or not you have

the potential to fall in love with them?

Wouldn’t you love having the power to spotlight all the warning signs, so you won’t

be blindside with them later on?


We all have love patterns.

We all have a love language.

And we all have a love energy.

Most people don’t understand that or know it when they see it, but when you do,

you’ll no longer get involved in bad relationships.