All men are racists. That’s right, you heard me correctly. You are all a bunch of racists, every one of you.

Do I have your attention yet? Are you intrigued as to how I can possibly make that statement? Do you have any idea about what I’m talking?

You are thinking to yourself right now that you are not a racist. You have friends who are black, white, purple, yellow and green.

You are a racist though. Do you want to know why? The reason why all men are racists is because they will only talk to one race of people: pretty women.

Men think that if they just go out all day long and talk to pretty women, that they are going to understand how to communicate with people. Life doesn’t actually work that way though.

If you walk around as a racist all day long only talking to the women to whom you are most attracted, then guess what is going to happen? You will not be able to talk to those women.

The stuff that comes out of your mouth will sound like a three year old’s garble. You won’t be able to put together a full sentence.

If you want to become less of a racist and free yourself, you need to realize that talking to everyone all day long warms you up, creates traction and makes it simple to talk to those pretty women. The reason is that you will end up talking to them like you would to any other person.

That pretty woman you see will be just like any other person to you. It will help you take away the ridiculous fantasy version of her you have made up in your head. And keep in mind we all have so many different tastes so what I think is pretty you may think otherwise.

Do you want to stop being a racist and start realizing the importance of talking to everybody, or do you want to continue to walk around with the attitude that you only talk to blonds who you are attracted to?

Do you want to continue to act like you only like that one kind of woman and you hate everyone else? If you do, then when your friends ask you how many woman you’ve talked to who look like that, your answer will still be “None, because when I saw one I wanted to talk to I had no idea what to say.”

So, it’s time you stopped being a racist and started opening up your energy to people of all shapes, ages, looks and styles. Life is so much better when you expand your horizons.

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