Have you ever dated somebody whose favorite song and theme song for life is “It’s a Small World After All”?

Watch today’s video to realize how open you are to dating men that are a small world after all.

Blog: Have you been to Disneyland? Seems to be the Magical Kingdom that I get stuck going to every other month. That’s what happens when you have a five year old daughter who loves going to Disney, and I’ve become the Disney Dad.

But today’s blog has nothing to do with Disneyland. Well, sort of. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Have you been on the ride “It’s a Small World After All”?

Song sticks in your head like no other.

It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. And it keeps looping over and over again.

It’s actually a magical, relaxing ride, because after spending the entire day at Disneyland waiting in long lines and going on 30 second rides, this ride is about 10 minutes long. You get to enjoy the beautiful animation.

You get to enjoy the beautiful figurines. And you get to realize just how amazing the world really is. When they put this ride together in the 50s, it really was a big world that they wanted to make small, and show that people were just people.

But today with the Internet, it really has become a small world after all.

All of you are reading from many different parts of the world.

A lot of you are connecting with people I write about on the blog.

A lot of you may never meet, but you know about different parts of the world through each other. It is a small world after all. And it’s a world that I think has become very interesting and dynamic.

But today’s video has nothing to do with how small the world is. It has to do with how small ‘he’ may be.

Have you ever dated a man who was small… down there?

Today I’d like to hear some of the stories, but you need to watch the video first.

This video has a secret message at the end. A message that will allow you to see how open you really are, or aren’t.

When someone has a body part that isn’t exactly what we think it is, or what we imagine it to be, and is small, or oddly shaped, how open are you to that relationship?

Today after you watch the video, I want you to write down some of the stories that you’ve experienced with men that were ‘a small world after all’.

What did you do? How did you stay satisfied with Mr. Small World?

And were you able to have a long-term relationship as soon as you found out that it was ‘a small world’ after all?

I love blogs like this, because they get people out of their comfort zone and talking about something they are uncomfortable with.

If you haven’t figured out what ‘a small world’ is by now, I strongly suggest you open your sexual mind, and watch today’s video.