I hear the same excuse time after time from guys. “There aren’t any single women anywhere.”


Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I don’t buy that. There are single women EVERYWHERE, but you have to think a little bit outside the box sometimes. If you only ever try and approach women in bars and clubs, you ARE going to find it hard to meet anyone. Guys are hitting on these women dozens of times a night in these places. There’s a bundle of competition, and by the time you get to talk to a woman she’s probably already sick of guys trying to get her number.

I’ve always said go to where there’s less competition. The grocery stores, the coffee shops, and the malls. Places where women aren’t expecting an approach. Places where you can start a natural friendly conversation. While grocery stores and the other places I mentioned are all great places to meet single women, try to use your imagination.

In this video I reveal a little known location where you’ll find nothing but single women. Not only that, but these women are probably actively looking for a relationship. Use your imagination guys. There are women everywhere, you just have to open your eyes!