Let’s say you’ve met a woman, or you’ve got a woman, and you want her to feel romantically about you, you want her to feel loved so that she is inspired to give love to you on Valentines Day (and beyond).

We all know that Valentines Day is the one day of the year, that woman are ready and willing to be swept off their feet, to fall in love with their dream guy.

Here are 8 great romantic gestures that will help you make her dreams, and yours, come true:

  1. An In-door Picnic.

Why this works, for one it’s romantic.

It reminds her of the summer, possibly the summer you guys met or maybe your first summer coming up. It’s fun. It’s cute. It’s simple. It’s easy. Get some food, a blanket in the middle of the living room, and you’ve got yourself an amazing Valentine’s day/night. It’s going to benefit and deepen your relationship because it’s different and allows her to see how creative your are.

  1. A Box of Hearts.

Remember the Crazy Hearts we had as a kid?

Be mine.

You’re the cutest.

Buy a box of hearts and strategically place it in parts of her house, in her purse, in her car, in everything. Then, throughout the entire day, she’ll be finding a heart from you where ever she goes. Maybe go to her office, put some on her desk.

This will remind her of just how amazing you thinkshe is all day long. Plus it’s super creative and different.

  1. Stuffed Animals.

Nothing is cuter than a beautiful stuffed teddy bear that says I love you with a beautiful card. Not just a card, a heartfelt card with a hand written love letter inside.

Valentine's Day

Write a love letter that you’ve written from your heart but write it on a piece of paper and stick it inside the card. Put the teddy bear behind the wheel of her car so as she goes to her car in the morning, the teddy bear is in the driver position. Taped to the teddy bear’s mouth is a card with your love letter. She’ll read that love letter throughout the day and she’ll feel super connected to your all day long.

  1. Voicemail Messages.

Throughout the day instead of texting her, send her the reasons why you love her. Literally, reason number one why I love you, reason number two why I love you. Throughout the day, send her little cute voicemail messages all day long so she’s able to feel you and listen to your love.

  1. Video Messaging.

The same thing.

Send her video messages throughout the entire day, messages in places that you’d have gone together. Take videos of the restaurant you went on your first date. Maybe send her a clip of the first movie you guys saw together. Send her a little video about the place where you first walked on your date and how it reminds you so much of her. Make her short one-minute videos and send them to her throughout the day.

  1. Pictures.

Send her pictures of all the places that you’ve been together throughout the day.

A picture of the first restaurant you went to with a caption underneath on how you felt. Like a photo collection throughout the day of all the things you feel about her when you drive by these places.

  1. A Massage.

Women love to be pampered. Women love to feel pampered. So one of the things you can do is tell her you are going to meet her at 6:30, tell her to wear something casual. Then sit there as she gets a beautiful massage. Then take her home and cook her a great meal. Pamper her that much, a massage will get her all relaxed.

  1. In Home Spa.

Nothing is sexier than having her come over to your house.

Have candles lit all over the house. Have rose petals leading to the floor, and give her an in-home spa. Get some beautiful massage oil. Then rub her down so that she’s absolutely euphoric that night.

Everything is creative and none of it is sitting in a boring restaurant.

You are showing her that you are going way beyond what every other guy does — make reservations.

This is a beautiful way to celebrate love. Love should be celebrated every single day. Valentines Day is a feeling. It’s a feeling that you should create for her on a daily basis.

Romance shouldn’t be something that you just do for one day. If you remember that, you will have an amazing woman that believes she has found the greatest guy in the world. You.