The modern world has changed the way we communicate with each other beyond recognition. These days it’s all about texts and instant messaging. Long gone are the days of calling and talking face to face. Can you imagine that?

If you’re someone whose text reliant there are some rules you should follow; especially if you don’t want to ruin any relationships!

Texts can be a great way to say, “Hey I’ll pick you up at 7pm” or “Don’t forget what time we’re meeting this weekend”.  But there are other things you should avoid at all costs when you have a phone in your hand!

Here are my top 6!

1) Be careful making jokes

Yes, you want to come across as a funny, easygoing person and jokes can seem like a great way to do this. The problem is, with texts you don’t always understand the tone that’s intended.

It’s so easy to take messages the wrong way. If a guy takes a message wrong way, there’s a chance you could seriously upset them. Save your witty sense of humor for the actual date!

2) Never cancel a date via text!

It’s the coward’s way out to cancel a date via text message. Whether you intend on seeing your date again or not, you should always call them. It’s the grown up way to handle the situation. It’s also more likely you’ll remain friends, or at least end things on good terms and ya never know what’ll happen in the future.

3) Don’t appear too eager

Even if you had the best date in the world,  hold off texting for at least a few hours the day after. Sending a text first thing in a morning can appear a little desperate. You want a guy to crave more of you. One important note on this rule…

If he texts YOU, make sure you answer as soon as possible. Guys don’t like playing games so don’t pretend you’re busy. Sure let him do the chasing, but don’t ignore him. It’ll piss him off real quick!

4) Text as little as possible

Now, this doesn’t mean don’t text him at all. It means is keep texting to a minimum and increase other, more personal forms of communication. Talk on the phone as much as you can. It’s easier to find out whether you have an actual connection with someone when you talk to them.

5) Don’t expect fast replies

Replies can be hit and miss. Sometimes you might not get a reply for hours, if at all. Don’t start getting paranoid and calling the guy out. He might have a genuine reason he hasn’t replied yet.

6) Call if you haven’t heard anything

If you haven’t heard back for a day or two, pick up the phone! You know modern technology has a habit of breaking down sometimes. Maybe he hasn’t got your message. Maybe he’s worried YOU haven’t messaged him. So no “flying off the handle” and accusing him of anything!

To be honest, the easiest way to avoid any of these texting mishaps is to cut the laziness and just pick up the phone. Texting has its place, but it’s so much easier to connect with some when you hear their voice and their reactions!

 Try it sometime. You might even like it!