Get Her Hot Now By David Wygant

Most men spend there lives trying to get lucky. They get drunk they met a woman and one night it happens they get lucky and have sex and at the same time they think it was some new found rap that they learned or some skill after all these years that surfaced for that night.

But in reality they met a woman that was in need of some sex and they happened to not ruin it by saying anything stupid that night.

Yes, most men tend to talk themselves out of the bedroom. They spend the whole night pushing her away instead of pulling her in.

Sex is only great with a woman when it is her idea! You need to learn the art of teasing in order to have a great sex with a woman.

Here are 5 quick tips that will get her excited to jump into bed with you:

1. Listen to what she has to say. You need to stop thinking about what to say next and spend some time listening to her so you can form an emotional attachment.

2. Sex starts in her mind. By listening to her and having an amazing conversation with her you will be different than 95% of the other guys who she has spoken to. The more she talks the more you listen and react the greater chance of you having great sex with her.

3. Be a gentleman and don’t act like you have not had sex in 10 years. Sex for women is all about being connected to you in an emotional way. Women get all turned off by men that come on way too strong so be a bit mysterious and she will be wanting to explore more of you.

4. Don’t get her drunk and invite her back to your place. Have a drink or two with her and send her home and give her a slow sweet tender kiss. Don’t plunge the tongue deep inside her mouth. You need to always do the opposite of what most men do and learning some self-control will allow her mood to percolate and get turned on to you.

5. Send her a hot text in the middle of the day. Something simple but something that brings her back to the moment from the night before.

Last night was fun….looking forward to our next conversation…..oh and the kiss was not bad either:)

It needs to be something that is playful and fun.

You need to learn how to take control of the situation and really intrigue and turn on her mind.

Let me know if you want more details and we can talk about this and how to have great sex in other postings.

Before you have any sex you will need to learn how to seduce that dream girl and todays video shows just that.