coachingI’m going to ask you a direct question: Do you really think you can figure out this thing called life on your own?
Are you so aware that you’re able to pinpoint the things you’ve done in your past, the things that you learned subconsciously and consciously in childhood, and can work through all your shit on your own?

If the answer is “yes,” you’re one of the most evolved human beings out there, and you shouldn’t be reading the article. Nor should you ever read my articles, because I would like to talk to you.  I’d love to get some help from you, Mr. Evolved or Ms. Evolved Human Being.

I’m going to give you 5 reasons why I believe you need to get a coach right away…

1. I Use a Coach.

That’s right. I’m one of the best coaches out there. I have people begging to come on my next seminar. I lead people to major breakthroughs in their lives. Yet, over the last six months, I’ve been working with several coaches and healers, to figure out my pattern in life so I’m able to have a more heartfelt space.

And I’m not the only one. I can tell you that many super successful people out there, also go to coaches and therapists of all kinds to tune up.

2.  You Have To Stop Living Through Your Head

If you don’t get coaching, you’re going to continue to live your life through your head, and your head is not where you want to live your life.  Leaving a heartfelt, authentic, and loving life is what you want. Through all the coaching I’ve had, and healers I’ve been working with, I’ve finally figured out exactly why I’ve been unable to get the levels of intimacy I have craved.

I always thought I could do it on my own.  I always thought I was the most intimate being alive.  I always thought I was the most open person.

These coaches have helped me realize a lot of things. I’ve learned about how my childhood impacted me. I’ve investigated my brother dying when I was three and a half. My mother trying to commit suicide with me in the car when I was five, (she rammed another car 65 miles an hour). Then being alone from three and a half to five.  My mother checked out because she lost her nine-month-old baby.

My father and mother, who were never great communicators, sat in that guilt, in that pain, while I sat in my room by myself entertaining myself.

By the time my brother and sister were born, My mother and father were so checked out of their relationship that I became the parent to everybody.  My father did his own thing and played golf. My mother hired a maid to take care of my brother. I was the one that would have to protect everybody.

My sister went through arguments with my father, never feeling embraced as the princess. My brother was brought up by our maid, Cindy. And I was forced to be the adult. That was my childhood. I never realized how it affected me. By the time I was 22, I never wanted responsibilities again. I’ve always been a big nurturer, but I’ve never allowed anybody to take care of me.

I’ve always been able to nurture, love, rock somebody in bed, but to allow somebody to nurture and love me was always hard. And in letting go, it meant trusting. After my mother checked out, trusting wasn’t easy for me. I was forced to be an adult, to take care of my mother, who was borderline depressed almost our entire family life. I protected my sister and brother.  My father was not intimate. He never said he loved us.  This is what my upbringing was.

Now, through the power of coaching, I’ve learned. I’ve understood my patterns. I’ve understood where I am.  The process is enabling me to finally live my life through my heart.

3. Coaches Help You Celebrate Your Wins

You need to learn to celebrate your wins in life. Success is created with momentum so you need to pat yourself on the back when you do something good. It leads you to the next success, and the next.

I’m able to now fully live my life through my heart. Is it still a challenge, but I’m becoming more aware of everything. I’m burying the past. I’m allowing it to go where it needs to. The beautiful story of who I am. It’s what made me who I am, but it’s not controlling me anymore. That is a huge victory and one that coaches are making me celebrate. It’s a great way of opening your heart to yourself, and building momentum.

It feels good to be able to share this with all of you today! It’s another victory!

4. We All Need a Guide

I was only able to get where I am through coaching. I continue to go to my coach. I continue to expand my mind, and explore my heart.  I continue to make myself more vulnerable than ever before and I wouldn’t have gotten here on my own. I wasn’t able to get here through reading books. Books opened me up. Programs opened me up. But if you really desire change, you need someone to personally guide you there. Think of it as having your very own co-pilot in life.

5. We Need To Talk

We all need to talk. Communication is the key to great relationships, and that includes the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s such a relief sometimes to open up and vent, scream, cry, laugh, and do whatever else you need to do to get where you want to be.

My healer the other day said to me, “What do you want out of our session today?”

I said, “I’m open to anything and everything.”

That’s something I’ve never been able to say, ever, in my life.  I always thought I was open. I thought I was an open book. In reality, until I figured out what was really going on deep inside me, I wasn’t as open as I thought.

It’s going to make me a better lover, partner and Dad.  It’s going to make me a better person for my friends.  It’s going to make me exactly the man I always wanted to be, and I’m happy about that. I strongly suggest you admit that you can’t do this on your own.  If you want to lead a deeper life, a more loving life, a more authentic life, then I strongly suggest you check out some coaching right now.

We’re here for you, as my people were here for me.