SantaThe holidays are almost here. Romance is in the air. And single women everywhere are desperately pining for a strong man to sweep them off their feet. For women, this is the worst time of year to be single.

They see all their friends buying Christmas presents for their boyfriends, but they don’t have one to buy anything for.

They see couples snuggling outside stores looking at the beautiful displays, but they’re standing there alone. And they have to go to the family Thanks Giving dinner, once again embarrassed because her 17 year-old sister has a boyfriend, but she hasn’t.

Women don’t want to be alone at this time of year. I can’t think of anything worse than sitting in front of the fireplace on Christmas eve, with the lights of a tree shining down, and nothing but the television remote or mince pie for company. Women want the romance. They want the love. And they want that serendipitous moment from the movies where the guy stumbles into her at a Christmas party, smiles at her, asks her if she wants a bite of his mince pie, and then looks up, only to notice they’re standing under some mistletoe.

They want YOU this holiday. Forget the drinks and the presents. Women want to fall in love. So how do you seize a moment like this?

Are you going to make this the time of year you meet and hook up with that beautiful girl you’re always writing to me about?

Asking Santa to drop her down your chimney isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid guys. You’re going to have to do some of the work yourself, but let’s see if I can give you a head start!

Here are 4 ways to hook up for the holidays…

1. Hit The Stores

I’ve talked about how great the malls and stores are for meeting women, and in the holidays, they become a red hot spot for attractive women. Even if they don’t have a boyfriend, they’ll still be shopping for family and friends.

And here’s the thing about talking to women while they’re shopping…

Generally, women LOVE the shops. They love looking for the deals. They’re open and comfortable. It’s a great environment to start conversations with women, because they’re having fun, and guys aren’t hitting on them from every direction like when they’re in a bar.

2. Woo Her With Observations

If you’ve read me for any length of time, you’ll know by now that making simple observations is the easiest way to open a conversation with a woman. Over the holidays it becomes even easier to make interesting, flirty, funny observations.

I mean the opportunities are all around you. You just need to be open and pay attention to them.

What’s she looking at in a store?

 Is there an attractive window display near you to comment on?

Are there Christmas lights on where you are?

Does she look like she’s buying presents for someone? It’s the perfect time for a “Hey that’s sweet of you to buy that for me, but it’s not my size” opener.

Is she eating or drinking something different? Around the holidays, the coffee shops start selling all kinds of Christmassy type drinks. “Wow, that coffee looks AMAZING! What’s in it? Have you tried the new gingerbread latte?”

You have a world full of observations at your fingertips at this time of year. Use them!

3. Have Fun!

The holidays are about having fun. For goodness sake SMILE!

Don’t walk up to a woman looking like your dog just died, or like you’re trying to hold in the runs. Before you walk over to a woman, stop, breathe, smile, and then walk over and make your observation. Have a laugh and a joke with people.

Poke fun at yourself. Walk around saying “Happy holidays” to everyone you meet. Wear a Santa hat. Ask women whether they’ve been naughty or nice (they LOVE that!)

Ask her if she’s seen your reindeer. Tell her you left him outside the store and now you can’t find him. Don’t take yourself seriously. Be goofy and have fun!

4. Close

Women want you to close them. She’s crying out for a strong, confident, and engaging man to close her at this time of year.  If you’ve been chatting to a girl for a while and things are going well, don’t let the conversation fizzle out. Take control. She WANTS you to take control.

You look at her right in the eyes and say, “Listen, give me your number. I want to take you out.”

Remember, women are as nervous as you are. They’re as stuck in their head as you are.  Be a man. Own your words. And speak with authority. Just tell her, “I’m going to call you later, and we’re going to go out. Remember you could still end up on Santa’s naughty list so you better behave OK!”

Have fun and take control. Don’t be afraid to be the man. You won’t scare the right women away.

It’s simple. Single women don’t want to be single over the holidays. People are normally in a much happier mood this time of year. Are you going to take advantage? Are you going to find yourself a sexy little Santa’s helper to spend the holiday with?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an empty pair of sexy stockings at the end of your bed this year, instead of that wooly old thing you fill with chocolate coins you’ve had since you were 3 years-old?

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