Today I have a video for you that’s going to blow your mind.

It’s going to allow you to meet hot girls, women, chicks, babes, whatever you want to call them, every single time you’re out.

You see there’s a perfect place that nobody wants to talk about, and it’s a perfect way to meet hot girls every single time.

I want to share the story of Ken.

Ken is a client of mine.

Ken is a great guy. He is always trying to find the perfect places to go out and meet hot girls.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

Ken would line up the perfect Friday night.

His group of friends would be on group text all day Friday, lining up where they thought the hottest girls in town were going to be.

Ken put on his Friday night shirt, his Friday night jeans, his Friday night shoes. Put on some cologne, and headed out into the night.

When he got there, apparently his friend Bill didn’t pick the perfect place.

After an hour the hot girls never showed up. They went into a state of panic.

They’d been waiting all week to meet hot girls. They started texting other friends. They started looking on Facebook to see if anybody was posting pictures.

They started looking at their Instagram accounts. They starting getting into their phones, trying to find the perfect place.

As the clock was getting closer to midnight, and they all know that at midnight it starts getting ugly.

They know high quality women are not going to be out drinking beer and doing shots after midnight.

They were desperately texting other people until they found another place where there was supposedly hot girls.

They drove across town. They waited in line for 15 minutes. They thought, there have to be hot girls in there. There’s a line. There can’t be a line unless there are hot girls looking to meet guys.

When they walked in there were some hot girls, but they were already hooked up with the hottest, most confident guys.

As the clock struck midnight, Ken’s pumpkin arrived. His fairy godfather told him he has to go home at midnight.

As Ken ran out of the bar his glass shoe fell off, his chariot turned into a pumpkin and he went home and did the usual — beat himself over the head and hope that tomorrow night would be better.

He felt fine because he still had Saturday night to go out and meet hot girls.the-perfect-place-to-meet-hot-girls

You know what happened Saturday night, don’t you?

Ken and his buddy, Bill, and some of their other friends, went out and chased the night. And Saturday turned into Sunday.

It was another weekend where hot girls eluded them.

Today’s video explores something that all of you need to know so you don’t become Ken and Bill and miss the hot girls.

You see, hot girls, hot women, hot babes, hot chicks, whatever you want to call them, are available every single day. You don’t even need the shirt, the cologne, and all of that other stuff.

Once I share the secret with you about where these hot girls are every day, you’re probably going to be going out on your own and leaving your friend Bill behind.

Unless of course you share this video today with your friend, Bill, and your friend Tom, and Nate.

I strongly suggest you share this video with your friends. So instead of chasing girls, you guys can get together and talk about the great relationships you’re in.

You can talk about more exciting things, like figuring out if you’re dating somebody crazy or not, or figuring out if the one that you met is the one for you.

Share it with them.

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