To Be Able To Close A Woman . . . You Must First Know How To Open Her – Part II
By David Wygant

In Part I of this blog, I described a night at a sushi restaurant with a client at which he learned the power of opening a woman with many short conversations. In Part II of this blog, I go on to explain why you will have no problem closing a woman once you have mastered the skill of being able to successfully open her.

Enjoy Part II, and learning how to use your new powerful opening skills to master the art of closing a woman . . .

The whole point of learning how to open a woman this way is so that you will become the opposite of every other guy. In order to close a woman, then, you also need to be different than other guys by closing her in very small doses.

Once you have had that fourth or fifth conversation with a woman in a bar, restaurant or coffee shop, all of a sudden what happens is that you will easily be able to say to her “Wow, I really enjoyed talking to you.” She’ll say “I really enjoyed talking to you too. Let’s get together and talk about x, y and z again.”

What you’ve done is breed familiarity and comfort . . . but you’ve done it very differently. What you need to understand about women is that they are into any kind of foreplay – be it emotional foreplay, mental foreplay or physical foreplay.

What most guys do is they smother. The minute they go over to talk to a woman, they smother her. Every time they smother a woman, that woman becomes less and less interested.

Beyond not smothering, mastering the power of walking away (which I discuss in great detail in one of my other blogs) more than anything else will leave women wondering about you. Women will be wondering: “Who is that guy? Why did he walk away? Guys never walk away from me. Most guys smother me.”

So you see the difference. Beyond how well it works, doing this will help you be more comfortable. I tell every single guy that in order to close a woman, you need to do it in stages of 15 second, 30 second and 45 second conversations . . . and then you’ll be into a full-blown conversation.

This in fact is exactly what happened when my client and I were in a supermarket last night. We saw a woman who was coming toward me with her cart.

I looked at her and said something very funny: “Don’t you go hitting me with that cart!” I was teasing and being very playful. She laughed . . . and then I walked away from her.

After saying what I said to her, most guys would have immediately gone in and performed some kind of a routine on her and smothered her. I walked away, because when you do that women will chase you.

Soon after that when we were in the vegetable department, that same woman started coming toward us. She was hesitating and looking around, and I picked up on her body clues. Her body signs clearly revealed that she was lingering – she was not buying anything, she didn’t have a plastic bag in her hand and she was not even looking at anything. She was lingering.

She was sort of staring at the mushrooms, but she wasn’t going to buy the mushrooms. So what did I do? I made an observation.

As I watched her lingering I said “Are you going to be cooking those mushrooms tonight?” She starts smiling and says “No! I don’t know what I want. I’m probably just going to get a plastic container of food.” I said “I always get the plastic container of food.”

Then we started talking about cooking, about how I bought the George Foreman Grill, and how she had a George Foreman Grill. That led to me hearing her accent, and I asked her where she was from. When she said she was from Memphis, I told her I was going to be traveling to Memphis in a few days. The next thing you know we were talking all about Memphis.

What I did next was close her by telling her “Wow, I’d like to learn more about Memphis. I’d also love you to come and talk to some of the guys (she was a fashion consultant).” As you can see, this all happens in stages.

The first time is just laying the bait. The second time they’ll come back and chase. If you give them 15 seconds of being very confident and then 30 seconds of being very confident, you are going to be different than 99.9% of the guys who are out there.

Every other guy smothers, and smothers, and smothers. You, on the other hand, are being confident. You’re being relaxed. You’re being calm. My client saw the same result happen every time we did this: the women came chasing after us. Most guys don’t understand this.

So closing women in this way is very simple They’re comfortable around you. They’ve had two or three sessions of talking to you. Best of all, you can do this almost anywhere.

If you’re in a bookstore, for example, you can walk by a woman and say “That’s one of my favorite books of all time. You are going to LOVE that book.” Then you walk away. Two minutes later when you next see her in another aisle in the bookstore and she doesn’t have that book in her hand, what you do is become playful with her and say “Where is the book I recommended to you? You’re not going to take my recommendation?”

By doing this you’re being playful. She’ll get defensive and start to defend herself. This will lead things to become more playful. You will start talking with her again and figuring out what book she’s reading. Give her another good 30 to 45 seconds. You can ask her out anytime.

How do you close a woman? You close a woman by bringing her back to the moment you talked to her.

With the woman in the supermarket, you could say something like “You’ve got to give me your number so you can tell me how your dinner turned out.” With the woman in the bookstore, if she bought the book you talked to her about you can say “You’ve got to call me tomorrow to tell me how you liked the book.”

Suppose you want to meet a woman in Blockbuster. How do you open a woman in Blockbuster? Let’s say you see a woman staring at the movie “The Departed,” which you’ve already seen. You walk over and say to her “That’s one of my all-time favorite movies. Have you seen it yet?” If she says no, you tell her a little about the movie . . . then you walk away.

Although you have walked away, you still keep an eye on her. This way you know where she is so you can go back in again. When you go back in, if you notice that she doesn’t have “The Departed” in her hand, you challenge her and say “Where’s ‘The Departed?’ You aren’t renting it?” When she says no, you say “C’mon . . . we’re going to go over and getting it.”

You then take her on a journey. Take her by the hand back to where you first talked to her, put a copy of “The Departed” in her and say “You need to watch this. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy you another movie the next time.” She’ll say “OK.”

So how do you close her? You say “Give me your number. I’m going to call you tomorrow and make sure you liked that movie. If you didn’t like that movie, we’ll meet in Blockbuster tomorrow night and I’ll buy you a whole new movie.”

These are just a few ways to open and close women, but no matter how you do it always do it in stages. It’s a two stage process during the daytime, so you get more comfortable. At night you can make it a three or four stage process.

At a coffee shop during the day, you can have a few small conversations before jumping into a big one. It’s a great way to build up your confidence. It’s a great way to make them feel comfortable. When you feel comfortable, you will make her feel comfortable . . . and vice versa.

So the best way to open a woman is to do it in stages. Gather as much information as you can, so that when you close her you can do it with something about which you’ve already been talking.

That way she will look forward to continuing the conversation, because women look forward to continuing a great conversation. That is what women are all about.

You’ve got to learn how to speak their language. If you learn how to speak their language, they’re going to be attracted to you every single time.