We hear this term a lot: soulmates or twin souls.

What does it all mean?

And, how do you know that someone else is your “twin soul” or soulmate? How do you recognize that in a person.

I’m going to give you three signs that you’ve actually met your twin soul.

Keep in mind, though: your twin soul can come along at any time in your life. And I truly believe there are some people that just meet them when they’re young. They’re lucky. They’re naive, they’re innocent, they’re playful and they meet somebody who just blows them away because they have no walls or barriers up.

And that’s really important, because the key to meeting your twin soul is to be barrier-free.

That’s why you see a lot of people who meet and fall in love with their high school sweetheart spend 70 years together.


Because they were barrier-free when they fell in love.

And to this day, they’re able to meet their twin soul because they haven’t been broken down by divorce, disappointments, relationships that didn’t work, exes that use them or try to manipulate them for money… and all the rest of the things we go through in this thing called life and love.

It’s pretty amazing when you really start to understand the beauty of twin souls.

It’s one of the nicest feelings in the entire world to have a twin soul connection.

So, as promised, here are 3 things to know, which will give you the opportunity to know that you’ve actually met your twin soul.

Sign #1: You’ve done your work

You’ve dated, and you’ve accepted your faults and flaws.

You’re open to new experiences.

You’ve processed old relationships. You’re no longer thinking about those old relationships, and you’re no longer angry at your past.

You’re no longer angry at your ex.

You’ve embraced the lessons that have come along.

Sign #2: You’ve had twin soul at some other time

Or, you’ve had one or more soulmate previews throughout your whole life.

People who had a message for you, where you thought you might have been soul mates with them.

But in reality, you weren’t.

You’ve had opportunities to see the good in love, the good in romance. You’ve also been opened up by other people.

When you’re on the path for extreme love, extreme connections, it’s so important for you to really, fully be able to move out of one relationship and into another one without baggage.

You see, when you fully evolve as a soul, when you fully know who you are, you’re really ready for your twin soul relationship to come in your life.

You’ve had previews, people who came into your life who were great… but they weren’t your twin soul person.

Instead of trying to manipulate it or make it work with them, you just embrace the lessons that they brought. You thanked them for showing up and showing you what love can truly be.

Sign #3: The “yum-yum factor”

From the second you start talking, it’s an endless conversation.

Endless discovery.

Endless exploration of one another.

And full on acceptance of one another.

Feeling like you’ve known each other for life times.

Every conversation leads to the next, because conversations never truly end.

Their physical touch puts you into a space you’ve never been before. You don’t care whether or not you’ve had sex with them because you’ve made love with your words and you made love with other ways of touching.

Their quirks are embraced by you. You’re not looking for perfection. You know that everybody comes in with quirks and habits and other things and theirs, they don’t annoy you at all.

Your dreams match their dreams.

Most importantly, you’re both ready for the journey of love because you both recognize that you’ve never met anybody like this person before in your entire life.

You’ve had other soul mate connections throughout your life.

You’ve had other connections with people that were intense but you never met somebody who literally brings you back in time.

You feel as innocent as a teenager yet as evolved as adult.

Your heart is touched in ways it’s never been touched before.

Your secrets are safe with them.

You immediately feel like you’ve met your best friend, the best friend that you’ve ever had in your entire life.

The future is endlessly talked about, and you feel like your future is taken care of because your present is so present.

Every day feels like Christmas and every single moment between the two of you, whether it is a tense moment, raw moment, is a moment that you easily, easily make it through.

The twin soul connection is the ultimate connection.

Look for it.

Explore it.

Embrace it, and embrace this journey called love.