It happens ALL the time and I speak to tens of thousands of women who experience the same dating disaster.

You meet an amazing man. He seems to be everything you want in a lover. Everything is going well. You’re connecting. You’re feeling a great energy between you. You might even start having fantastic sex.

He makes big promises, says he’s “looking for a serious relationship” and talks about your future together.

Then without warning, he goes cold. He becomes disconnected. He won’t return your calls. He cancels dates. And you realize, that this is an unavailable man. He’s a player and does not intend to settle down with a woman. You’ve fallen for him, and now you’ve had your heart shattered AGAIN!

I want you to know how to avoid this situation ever happening to you again.

Here are the 3 sure-fire signs you’ve run into ‘Mr. Big Promise’:

 He Makes BIG Promises

  • When you first meet Mr. Unavailable he’s trying to do and say anything he can to impress you. He tells you about all the things he wants to do with you. He tells you about all the places he wants to take you. He tells you how he’s working on his own life. He tells you he’s going to change. He’s going to make lots of money. He is looking to settle down with one amazing person.
  • He’s ‘Mr. Big Promise’, and you become Ms. Cheerleader if you believe him. You want to believe him. His ‘talk’ is extremely seductive, almost like a drug. It gets you to imagine your life and his coming together. If you’ve fallen for it in the past, it’s not your fault.
  • When you hear a man start to make promises you need to snap out of your head as fast as you can. I know you want to believe him. You watched the Disney princess movies as a girl and you want to believe in the prince coming to rescue you. Could ‘Mr. Big Promise’ be the one? When you hear a man make big promises early on it’s a big red flag!

 His Stories Change

  • Big Promise generally has a big give-away habit. He loves to tell stories. He loves to impress you with tales from his past. But here’s the thing. If you listen very carefully, most the time the details of the stories will change.
  • The number of past lovers he’s had may suddenly go up or down by one or two (or a lot more). The amount of money he tells you he makes will change slightly (normally down the longer he gets to know you and pre-conditions you to his reality).
  • The new business he’s working on will probably vary each time he tells you about it.
  • The stories are almost always rambling, with details that come and go. Please pay attention to what he’s saying. So many women make allowances for these men, saying “Well, it’s cute he wants to impress me.”
  • What you’re really saying is, “I’m going to let this guy lie to me from the get-go.”
  • So when he finally turns around and says: “Look, I think we may ultimately be looking for 2 different things”, it’s part of a long series of lies and half-truths.
  • Unfortunately now he is finally telling the truth. He was always looking for something different; sex, a warm body and a soft place to land. Do yourself a favor and hold him accountable from day 1. It will save from heartache in the end.

He Doesn’t Follow Through

  •  I say it all the time, but you should keep a journal when you first meet a guy. Write a note about all the promises he makes, and all the stories he tells you. Watch over the next 30-40 days to see if he follows through.
  •  How many times does he flake? How many times does he change plans at the last minute? How many times do his stories change?
  • You write it down.  Before you give that beautiful loving female trusting heart to him, before you allow him to complete this princess journey, this fantasy you’ve always had, before you give him any love, see if ‘Mr. Big Promise’ comes through with what he says.
  • The primary definition of a quality man is do his words and actions line up. Make sure the ‘great new man’ you’ve met, lives up to this standard.
  • You see, at the end of the 30 days, he’s going to go back to being what he really is. He’s just a man. He’s a mortal man. Not a superhero, not a prince, he’s just a regular guy who wants to date you (and SLEEP with you!)

Here’s what you need to know:

  • I never suggest sleeping with a guy right off the bat, but if you DO happen to sleep with him within the first 30 days of meeting him, pay SERIOUS attention to his behavior in the following days.
  • ‘Mr. Big Promise’ will instantly change once you’ve had sex. Once he has what he wants from you, he’ll withdraw, he’ll pull away, and he’ll start to go cold.
  • Jumping into sex with a guy you’ve just met is never a good idea, but it can give you a great idea as to his true intentions.
  • So be aware, pay attention, follow these tips and you should be able to give ‘Mr. Big Promise’ a side-step!