positive womenDo you wish you were living another life? Is there another life you’ve been promised nobody else knows about?

If you’ve recently come to the conclusion that not living out your ‘story’, affects every other aspect of your life, then you need to find a new story…

A man isn’t going to change your life.

You have to build a life you find desirable. It’s got to be spectacular on it’s own. You need to love who you are. Love what you’re about in order to be happy.

You Don’t Like Your Life.

This isn’t high school. You can’t avoid all men forever. You can’t hope one is going to rush up to you and ask you to run away with him. Real life doesn’t work this way.  The only men who will be attracted to you are the ones who want to rescue someone.  And that’s not what is going to make you happy. You have to live the life and love the man that presents himself. A good man (you know a good man when you see one).

Your fairy tale story is actually holding you back from becoming the woman you wanted to be and living the life of your dreams.


Your story of a Prince and 2.5 children and everything else is holding you back. You could live a life of your dreams. You still can be the most attractive, incredible version of yourself.

You Undervalue Yourself

You need to say to yourself, “My life is great because, I choose it to be. I will be amazing because every action I take today will be done with that goal in mind.”

You have to eliminate all this negativity.  Most people undervalue themselves.

Why do you think the self-help industry is a multi-billion dollar industry?

It’s because so many people undervalue themselves. You hear it from me all the time: “In order to go find love, you need to love yourself first.” 

Well, loving yourself is only the first step.

Negative Self-Talk

You have more good attributes than you give yourself credit for. You’re always comparing yourself to everybody else. This ‘dream person’.

You’re like a little girl, who wants to be fucking Barbie when she grows up – except you were playing with the Ken dolls, and you want to think every guy’s a Ken doll.  If for example, your boss is lying to you and someone is getting paid more, to do less try this life hack –


Don’t quit, don’t lose your work ethic because you’re upset. Go find your dream job.

When you get it, go back to your boss, tell him you have another job and they’re willing to pay you more. See if he’ll counter.  You’ve now started a bidding war. When the dust settles and you go with the best offer you’ll certainly know your worth.

If things ‘never go your way’, it’s because that’s how you see it. And then finally, after all this, you say the only thing you have going for you is your personality. Quality men don’t pursue women with bad attitudes and low self-esteem. No one wants to be around the negativity. It’s a boner killer. So my advice to you is pick yourself up, realize your fucking self worth, and make some changes.

Start embracing your life.  You probably have more then most but you’re not making the most out of it.