How many of you act like the local supermarket and mass mail every Tuesday hoping someone comes into your life with your 50% off love coupon?

The number one mistake most men make is they mass mail and they fail to realize that when they do this the women delete there emails right away without reading.

So what do you do when you are looking to meet women online?

The correct online opener is no different from the perfect bar, party or supermarket opener.

Guys, women know when something you send is a “cut and paste.” It shows that you did not read

their profile, and the first thing they will think about you is that you’re lazy and not very clever.

You can’t just send out 100 generic emails to women and expect to get a response back. Most men

who use the shotgun approach tend to never, ever receive responses to them.

So what should a guy do to succeed in the competitive world of online dating?

1. Keep in mind that the women have all the power. What works offline is going to work online.
You need to be different and clever, just like you do when you approach a woman in a bar or a
supermarket. So the first thing you need to do is make your profile fun.

Take these examples:

Fine: “I am a doctor and I love it”

Better: “I love what I do . . . I help people cure all common ailments.
Though my day may be full of people complaining, at the end
of the day I know that all of them go home healthier than when
they walked in.”

It really is all about having fun. Here is another example to make your profile rock.

Fine: “I love to travel.”

Better: “I love the Italian coast, and when I was in Positano I had the best
lemon cello in the world. When we speak, ask me about the view.”

Why are the “better” ones better? Because they make them picture what that was like and

it will peak their interest. It will also be something that they can ask you about when they

are responding to your profile. You need to create an emotional response, so they feel

compelled to write to you or to write you back.

2. Pick a select number of women you want to get to know each week. So now that you have
spruced up your profile how do you get their attention and distinguish yourself from all the other
guys online? This is the easy part . . . but it will take some work. Instead of burning through 100
profiles and sending out a shotgun mass email that does not work, you need to pick 10 to 15
women at the beginning of the week that you want to get to know.

The reason you do this is because each week, their emotions and dating moods change. Plus, if
you do it right, you will get a good response rate and have a few dates that week. Now comes the
work. You need to read through their profiles and find the fun tidbits. For example, if the both of
you have a dog you can send this email:

Subject Line: “If not for us . . .”

Email: “… our dogs will never be able to meet 🙂

My dog is really visual and when she saw a picture of yours, her stubby lab tail could not stop doing the thump thump!! We need to hook them up…plus I have to get her off . . . She is becoming addicted!

Lets talk about this . . .

There are few reasons why this will work, besides the obvious ones that it is original and funny.

What you are doing is making fun of yourself here . . . men are visual and you are telling her that

your dog is visual, which will get a laugh from her immediately. You want to make her laugh. She

is getting all these horrible emails from all the “cut and paste” men, then yours comes in with some

originality and creativity. It shows that you tried to get to know who she is by reading her profile.

Now lets say that you or she does not have a dog. This is also easy, you just need to read her profile

and pick out a fun tidbit.

If, for example, she says that she is spontaneous and adventurous, what I like to do is challenge her

on that. Women like their minds to be challenged. So you might write:

Subject Line: “So you say . . .”

Email: “… that you are adventurous and spontaneous. What was the last adventurous thing you did? And if you are really spontaneous ,why don’t you send me your number so we can talk.

Five minutes on the phone and we’ll know if we have chemistry. Let’s talk today.

I dare you.”

This is also a one of my favorite opening emails. Yeah, I know some of you will look at this and think I’m crazy. I have been reading comments online and have enjoyed the banter.

But I will tell you that women like a man who is bold and who challenges her mind. You are also getting to the point and creating intrigue. She will wonder what you are all about.

Now why do I use the “…” on the subject line? I use it so they feel compelled and intrigued to open it. It is all about what may come after the “…” that makes them curious. You need to realize that most women get tons of emails from guys so you need to get that email opened.

3. Stay on a site. This is by far the best advice. Stop jumping from site to site every two weeks and think that you are going to get different results. You need to realize that women will check you out and read your profile, and it may take a few emails to get them to respond. The first time you contacted them they may have been intrigued, but at that time they may have been dating someone else, were too busy with other things, or you simply caught them on a bad day. I always tell my clients that it is okay to lob in another email a few weeks later. Now, don’t send the same one . . . find something new about which to connect with her.

It is all about being persistent. I have found in all my years of advising people on the Internet, that the ones who stay on a site and are persistent will be the ones that get all the great dates. You need to be patient. Some weeks you will have a lot of responses, while other weeks you may not get much of anything. But if you try some of the pointers above, you will increase your odds every day.

For those of you who are serious about meeting women online check this out.