It’s as common today at literally buying a new car. Eventually, the old car gets worn out, you want to upgrade, and well, divorce happens.

Maybe not a great analogy, but you know what? It’s not a funny thing. Especially when it comes down to having children.

Here are two reasons why divorce really sucks.

Reason #1

And this is the big glaring one. One, or if not both, parents will manipulate the children.

One of the common themes of divorce is one of the parents literally trying to manipulate the kids from not seeing the other one.

Some bitter divorce people are blatant about it.

They’ll trash the other parent right in front of the kids.

They’ll do so hoping to sway the kids their direction.

The kids, meanwhile, are like little sponges. They don’t want to hurt their mom or hurt their dad and they hear things so they take it as gospel.

That’s the blatant manipulator. But even more dangerous is the non-blatant manipulator.

The parent that really truly deep down on an energetic core level does not support the relationship with the opposite parent. Why?

She or he was probably the one that was left.

So no matter if they’ve moved forward in a new relationship, they still harbor anger and they still look back at the past and look at the person for who hurt them at that moment.

The subliminal manipulators are the worst.

They’ll literally tell their son or daughter that they miss them when they’re not with them.

Or when they’re about to go get picked up by the opposite parent they’ll say aww I’m going to miss you today. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow at five or Sunday at 4:30.

They’re constantly Facetiming their children telling them how much they love them over and over again, creating anxiety in the child because the child feels on a very energetic level that mommy or daddy can’t live without them and they don’t want to disappoint them.

Subliminal manipulators are the worst. And I’ve seen them firsthand. I’ve been coaching for many years and I’ve seen subliminal manipulators and I have to tell you something, they are the least of all people.

Because usually, the subliminal manipulator is someone who thinks they’re this great parent.

I’m sure they are in a lot of ways.

They’re usually overdoting.

They usually are a helicopter mom or dad hovering on their kids.

But what they’re doing is they’re really destroying their childrens security. They think it’s the opposite.

With their subliminal manipulation, they are never ever going to allow that other parent to really enjoy the child. They will constantly stay bitter and angry and they’ll use the child to their advantage.

Which leads to…

Reason #2

Any form of manipulation when children are young will lead to damage when children are older.

If you’re the manipulating parent whether, subliminal or conscious, guess what’s going to happen the second your child forms a brain?

The second your child forms their own opinions.

The second the child hits puberty.

Rebellion will come and it will come your direction because all of a sudden they’ll feel your manipulation. They’ll see you for who you are.

And it won’t be pretty.

They say people who manipulate their small children are not looking at the long-term picture.

The long-term picture is to share your children, be actually supportive of your ex, and your kids are going to grow up in a far more healthy environment.

Your manipulation is due to your lack. Your lack of really taking care of your own stuff.

You don’t own your own stuff. So what you’re doing is you’re literally manipulating your kids because of your own fears and insecurities.

So you got to look at it long range. Sure, maybe you get a little extra time because you manipulated the hell out of your kids when they were younger. But I got to tell you when they get older, and for the rest of their life, they will be pissed off and they will be angry at you for the damage that you did. Think it about it Mister or Miss manipulator, subliminal or conscience, grow up. It took two to bring the children to life. It wasn’t just your womb that created this child or your sperm that brought this child in. It took two of you. Now it’s time to share.