All right. Let’s talk sex.

You met a woman.

She’s super hot.

You want to be the best damn lover she’s ever had.

And every single time you have sex with her, you are literally cumming in three minutes or less…

She doesn’t have the time to have an orgasm with you because you are consistently losing your self control.

Well, how do you build your sexual stamina up so you give her the most incredible experience she’s ever had in her life? These words that you’re about to read will literally change the way you have sex moving forward for the rest of your existence on this planet.

First off, when you have sex with a woman, you want her to report back to her friends and you want her to tell her friends that she was blown away by the things that you did.

She couldn’t believe what a great lover you were. She couldn’t believe the stamina. She is using words like Superman instead of minute man.

She literally will tell her friends that she has to beg you to stop instead of begging you not to cum.

I’d say about 80% of the men in this world suffer from something called lack of sexual stamina.

It seems to be a plague the second they’re in there. The second they get inside her and they feel how warm and wet and amazing it feels, they are literally fighting back the orgasm the entire time. They’re thinking about, oh, my god. Don’t cum. Don’t cum.

And they’re not building any sexual stamina at all. When you’re thinking about not cumming, you’re really not present to what she is really desiring in the moment. It’s almost like your hips are moving and your mind is somewhere else. Your heart is somewhere else and your whole body is just really not connecting. So energetically, because so much about sex is energetic soul connection that’s shared between two people.

She isn’t feeling you at all.

And by the time you cum, well, she feels totally disconnected and not satisfied.

Now, I’ve been coaching women for 17 years. I’ve heard this story way too many times. So let’s give you a solution today that will help build your sexual stamina and will take a couple of weeks to really start to get you into the sexual Superman status that you absolutely truly crave and truly desire in a relationship.

For those of you that don’t like to work on things, you don’t need to read any more of this. You can just continue to live the life that you’re living. You can continue to be a minute-man in bed.

You continue to have her literally throw you under the sex bus with her friends and tell you that, well, she just wishes you were as good as her last lover who wasn’t even that great.

But for those of you who truly want to evolve and grow as a sexual Superman, then you’re going to listen to this tip right now.

Do not cum.

That’s right. Have sex, cum once.

Then spend the next couple of days not cumming. Get the initial orgasm out. That way, you can literally build up your sexual stamina.

Have sex throughout the day, literally.

Just enjoying building up, even if you’re in there for a minute or two before you feel the need to cum, don’t cum. Pull out and look at her and say, babe. I want to build up my sexual stamina for you so you can experience everything you always wanted because I truly want to be the best lover I can for you.

Then for the next week, literally just have sex as often as you want, but don’t orgasm. You’ll start to learn how to control your orgasm. You’ll start to learn how to build your sexual stamina. And each time you’re in there, you’ll go a little longer every single time.

Your body will be trained like an endurance athlete. It’s literally like running. You’ll start to last five minutes, then 10, then 15, then 20. You’ll build the stamina up and you’ll finally become the greatest lover she’s ever had because that is what she’s looking for. A man that can be her Superman. So once again, I pose this question to all of you.

Commit to a few weeks of literally building up your stamina so you become a sexual Superman.

Or just continue to be the minute man that she’s literally masturbating behind your back to make herself feel good so she prepares for the shitty sex you’ve been giving her.

What’s your choice, my friend?