Do you ever look back at some of your past relationships and think to yourself,  why was I with that person?

How could I have been so stupid?

How could I have done the things that I’ve done?

How could I have been with somebody who cheated on me?

How could I have been with somebody who did the things they did to me?

Whenever you get involved with somebody in a relationship, it’s taking a giant risk.

Taking a giant risk with your heart. Taking a giant risk with your soul. Taking a giant risk with everything.

And That’s What Life is All About

It’s a beautiful thing to take that risk, because when you take that risk, you’re actually participating in life. You’re actually telling the universe and God that you’re willing to participate in life, that you’re willing to learn the lessons that are brought to you.

Throughout my life, I’ve always tried to take that approach when it comes down to the people that I’ve dated.

Are there things that I’ve done with people that I wished I didn’t do? Absolutely.

But I like to reframe it and say that, without that experience, I would have never been the person that I am today.

If each experience gives me lessons, opens me up more in so many ways, every experience allows me to grow as a man, every experience allows me to be a man, every experience allows me to explore myself as a man, and every experience prepares me for the ultimate experience that I’m looking for.

We can really take this analogy in all aspects of our lives.

You can use this analogy for work, every job you’ve had leads you to the next job, every client, every customer you deal with leads down the path to further developing yourself as a person in the world.

You can look at it in love relationships the same exact way. Every time you step into the arena of love, you’re stepping in a possible co-creation of growth and learning about yourself.

We all want a person to arrive.

We all want to meet the person we’re supposed to be with and we all want to have the relationship that we’re looking to have.

That, to me, is extremely important, as a man, as a being, as a soul.

It’s something that we all want to experience.

But without your past relationships and without reframing everything about them, you’re never going to get to the next level of consciousness and spirituality.

When you get to the next level of consciousness and spirituality, that’s when you evolve as a soul and you evolve as a being.

When you look back at all your past experiences, don’t look at them with regret at all.

Look at them with full-on acceptance and thank the people for showing up in your life, because without them, you wouldn’t be the spectacular version of who you are now.