Follow up to last week’s video, where I talked about how to be bold, daring and confident as a man.

Well, let me tell you a true story of how learned how to be bold, daring and confident. It takes place a long, long, time ago in New York, and it changed my life and broke through my biggest blockages meeting women.

This story teaches you the single most important mindset you need to have in order to meet women — especially at night, in bars or on the street. The places where she’s getting approached by all types of men (who I promise you’ll stand out from…)

Watch the video below, but don’t stop there. I want you to go out tonight and do this. Try this. Because in order to meet women, in order to approach and attract and connect with that quality woman you desire, you NEED to get over your fears. And this mindset technique will absolutely work and do that for you 100% of the time.

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