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Episode 90: Chapters of the Past

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We all have stories from our past. Some haunt us, and some we cherish. But I’m betting you don’t realize just how much these chapters of your past affect you today.

Well, that’s what my guest John Keegan and I are going to reveal. We’re going to talk about how you can learn from the past, how you can remain present, and why these chapters of your life are so important.

Give this very special episode a listen in your podcatcher of choice, rate us, spread the podcast to your friends, and be sure to learn more about John at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com.

Episode 89: Beware of this Girl!

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Beware of THIS girl… you know, the girl who’s SO interested in you. Who makes you feel wanted and loved. But she needs money. She needs her man to take care of her because she has it so hard…

If you’ve ever known this girl, you NEED to listen to today’s episode where John Keegan and I reveal just how dangerous she is. So listen, subscribe, rate, and share this podcast, and be sure to check out John Keegan at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/.

Episode 88: Honesty is So Damn Sexy

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God, honesty is just so damn sexy. Being raw and open and vulnerable for once. But you know what’s not sexy? Liars. People who lie about their age, their pictures, or anything else on sites and dating apps.

So today, my guest Eddie and I are going to expose to you the truth about why all the lies your telling to be attractive… are actually the least sexy thing you can do.

So join us for a mind-blowing reality check, rate us and share us with your friends, and be sure to reach out to Eddie at eddiepalmer12@gmail.com.

Episode 87: How Can You Find Love Projecting Lies?

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Everybody’s a guru today. Everybody’s an expert today. Because, thanks to social media, they have a platform. They have a place to go and pretend to be something they’re not.

But then, if you’re entire online life is projecting lies… how can you ever expect to find love? Well, that’s what Eddie Palmer and I are going to expose you to right now.

So subscribe to & rate this podcast in your podcatcher of choice, download and share it with your friends, and be sure to get in touch with the best personal trainer on the West Coast by emailing eddiepalmer12@gmail.com.

Episode 86: Social Media is the New Cigarette

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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? When you’re stressed? When you have 5 minutes of free time?

Maybe you’re a smoker and you smoke. But for 99% of everyone else, you’re checking Facebook… because social media is the new cigarette.

Join us today as we reveal just how much you inhale the toxin called social media, download and rate this podcast, share it with your friends, and if you want to get in touch with my guest Eddie Palmer, reach out to him at eddiepalmer12@gmail.com.

Episode 85: iMessage… the New Tattletale

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Who’s that texting you? What are they saying?

There’s something out there that’s spying on all our texts and personal lives, and it’s not the NSA tapping your phone. It’s the iMessage that’s made all of us so neurotic and insecure!

Join my guest John Keegan and I to learn just how crazy technology has made us in today’s podcast. Listen and rate it in your podcatcher of choice, share it with your friends, and learn more about John at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/.

Episode 84: Take Control of Your Gut, Take Control of Your Health

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Summer’s here, and you know what that means? It’s bathing suit season. Time to take control of your health – take control of your gut.

I’m joined by my regular guest John Keegan, and we have another special guest today: Dr. Michael Ruscio. Dr. Ruscio is a nutrition and gut health specialist, and today we’re going to talk about what YOU can do to take control and get healthier.

So listen, download and subscribe to us, share this episode with your friends, and check out John at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com and Dr. Ruscio at http://drruscio.com/.

Episode 83: The Guru-ism Plague

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Pop quiz: what’s the only qualification to be a guru nowadays? Answer: a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account.

That’s really all it takes. But today, my guest John Keegan and I are going to blow the lid off this whole guru-ism plague and tell you what you may not realize about these so-called experts.

Listen & subscribe to today’s episode, share it with your friends, and if you want to learn more about a REAL guru, check out John Keegan’s website https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/, as well as my own 😉

Episode 82: How to Handle Female Testosterone

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Can you handle a strong women? Most men who are stuck with their manginas can’t. And if that’s you, well then this podcast is for you.

I’m in the studio today with Elizabeth Lucas-Averett, or Ella, host of the On Air With Ella podcast, and we’re going to talk female testosterone. We’re going to talk accountability, responsibility in relationships, and plenty more nuggets of wisdom.

So join us for this fantastic Memorial Day podcast, rate and subscribe to us, share us with all your friends, and check out Ella at http://onairwithella.com/.

Episode 81: Is Social Media The End Of Romantic Love?

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Likes. Pokes. Shares. Dick pics. Ok, did that last one throw you off? Maybe you don’t think dick picks below in that same list, but they do. Because it’s all part of social media now.

And what social media has actually done is taught us NOT to communicate, which is what romance is all about, communication. So, is this the end of romantic love???

Well, that’s what my guest Kate Rose and I are going to answer. So download, rate and subscribe to this podcast and be sure to check out Kate at http://www.wordsofkaterose.com/. Oh, and be sure to share us on social media. No dick pics though, please…

Episode 80: What the Hell is a Soul-gasm?

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Orgasms are so overrated. That’s right. I said it. Probably the best thing you think you’ve ever experienced… is bush league compared to what I’m talking about: the SOUL-GASM. The mind-to-mind, soul-to-soul connection you feel with a man or woman.

Huh? What the hell is a soul-gasm, you ask? Great question. Well, that’s today’s reality check, where we’re back in the studio with Kate Rose.

So join us & download, rate and subscribe to this podcast in your podcatcher of choice, share this episode with the world, and be sure to check out Kate Rose’s truly beautiful prose at http://www.wordsofkaterose.com/.

Episode 79: The Lies Single Parents Tell Their Kids

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Oh, this one’s either going to blow your mind or piss you the hell off… because we’re going to talk about single parents. And we’re going to talk about the lies single parents live, and what they’re really teaching their children every day.

My guest today is the lovely Kate Rose, a writer, artist, and mother extraordinaire. So check us out and download and rate us in your podcatcher of choice, share this podcast with the world, and definitely check out Kate’s writing and learn more about her at http://www.wordsofkaterose.com/.