10 Minute Daily Reality Check

With David Wygant

Thursday, September 6, 2018


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How many of you remember Annie singing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow?”
How many of you always think the sun will come out tomorrow? Tomorrow is just the best day in the world, especially when today you’re fucking up.

The sun always comes out tomorrow

What you really need instead of the sun coming out tomorrow is a good old fashioned spanking.
Turn around and spank your ass because if you don’t, you’re not going to learn.

I don’t believe in beating people, but I do think you need to get on all fours and get somebody to spank your ass or get somebody to wash your mouth out because it’s just bubbles coming out.

We need to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.
I am dealing with this right now in trading. I went with my impulse.
I made an impulsive move. Most times I just sit there and watch but today I wanted my piece and I had my wits about me.

I sat and thought about my impulse.

Acting on my impulse set me back for the day.

I got on the floor and metaphorically spanked my ass as hard as I could. That’s what we need to do.

We need to stop sugarcoating our fuck ups because we never learn from them.

Our same mistakes are recurring because we haven’t given ourselves our virtual spanking.

Feel the pain to reach your goals.

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