date younger girlsI got this e-mail the other day from a man. I’m printing it below to help him understand the dynamic of attraction. Chances are you could learn a thing or two as well. Once you read his e-mail you’ll realize this man behaved like a homeless dater. Read on…


I’ve been getting your periodic e-mails over the year.

I met a blonde the other night at a dance club.  I got to chat briefly with her, and she shared my aspiration to visit every beach in California.

I showed her some iPhone pics from my trip to Laguna Beach, etc.  She gave me her phone number.

We started texting. I asked her out. But she was really reluctant to meet with me.

She texted me:

I’m happily single and I’m not interested in a relationship.

I texted her back:

Then, I’m not either.

I thought it would be smart to pursue a friendship first.

She asked me how old I was. I explained to her the benefits of dating someone who’s more together emotionally. She’s 24.

She didn’t respond.

I’m not needy. I stopped texting her.  I’m going to move on elsewhere.

However, in light of finding out our beloved Hannah Davis is dating a former MLB Yankee named Derek who’s 42, and 18 years older than this cover beauty, would it be bad for me to remind Linda that Derek and Hannah appear to be in harmony?

Are YOU Attracted To Younger Women?

Every single guy who’s attracted to younger women needs to read this.  Every single guy who’s younger needs to read this as well.  Here’s the deal: If you respond to women the way this guy did – You’re a homeless beggar. Let’s break it down. He showed her some pictures of his trip to Laguna Beach.

He texted her. He offered to be friends. So far so good. Where he made his mistake was trying to sell her on the age difference. He should have just said I’m 42. And that’s it. Do not ever go into the benefits of dating someone who’s more together emotionally, because it sends a signal to a woman’s brain –

This man gets rejected all the time.

When you explain to someone why they should like you, it reeks of desperation. Nothing gets her clothes on faster than desperation.  Her next thought is: “How many woman has he done this too? Is he preying on younger woman?”

This is the perception you’ve left her with.  There’s absolutely no confidence when you do that. Let her make up her mind about dating an older guy.  It’s a fantasy for a lot of women. Chances are she does want to date an older man. You get my drift, here.  When you try to sell yourself, immediately you’re telling this girl:

Shit, you’re hot. You’ve got all the power.

 I’m used to getting rejected by women like you, so I’ve got to come up with the best game plan.

I didn’t leave enough of an impact on you for you to want to be with me. 

A woman will make excuses to date you because you were shy…

Because you were nervous…

Because she likes your smile….

Remember she wants to date you.

What she won’t forgive is desperation.

This guy said he wasn’t needy…

From what I just read he’s incredibly needy. Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re not needy.  You need to realize you have to approach the situation in a different way. Go in more confidently. Form an emotional connection with this woman when you talk to her. Women know they’re sexy.

They can get laid. What they want from you is to make them feel safe and appreciated. Find out what the two of you have in common and build from there.  It’s the only way to do it.  This guy almost made a second deadly mistake by texting this woman again.

He thought he could change her mind by comparing their potential relationship to a celebrity couple that’s been together for a year.  Where to start?

First, you are NOT Derek Jeter.  There is no comparison between you and Derek Jeter. He is a future Hall of Fame celebrity baseball player; he can get any woman he wants. Women all over the place see his attitude, his charisma, his confidence, and immediately are driven to him.  Take a look at the way Derek Jeter walks around. The next time you go to a dance or a nightclub, walk around the same way, feeling good about yourself.

You can’t be Jeter, but you can feel like him. You can act like him. There’s only one Jeter, there are millions of women, and then there’s you…

Feeling and acting like Jeter. You can’t verbally sell yourself to women. If you had a silver tongue you wouldn’t need me. Being a smooth talker is not teachable. It’s something you’re born with. What I can teach you is how to be yourself and get women. You need only relax , find something in common, and let her make up her mind about you. She’s got an opinion. If she’s not interested, move on.

Don’t sell yourself to any woman. It looks desperate, pathetic, and makes you look like a homeless dater.