Life is just such a funny perception. I was sitting at home the other night watching some show on restoring a 65 Chevy Chevelle. It was kind of cool actually.

Then a commercial came on. You know, with late night television you really don’t have a lot of great choices unless you’ve recorded something. If you start recording a lot of stuff late at night, you really are a television addict.

Anyway, there was a commercial on for Time Warner. Someone built a real estate office and they called in someone from Time Warner to talk about their business.

So who comes over from Time Warner? It’s a well-dressed guy in a suit who comes in and shakes the business owner’s hand.

I’m thinking to myself, “How come this guy never shows up to my house when I call for someone from Time Warner to come over?” I get the sweaty guy who shows me his butt crack, and basically tells me they can’t fix something.

Where’s the guy in the suit? I want him to be hooking up my Internet!

It’s funny in life how companies represent themselves publicly, and then how they do so in person. So many companies don’t walk the walk. So it’s really interesting how important it is to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Now the question back at all of you.

When it comes down to dating do you walk the walk and talk the talk?