worst date everWe’ve all been there. We’ve all had that date from hell.

The date that just didn’t want to end.

The person didn’t look like their profile pictures.

The person who is way overweight.

It doesn’t matter. We’ve all had those dates.

We’ve all been out with the talker.

The non listener.

The mute.

The insecure.

The irrelevant.

The needy.

Whatever you want to name it, we’ve all been out on those dates.

I’m sure some of you women have been on dates with a groper.

The golden retriever humper.

The man-boy.

But you know what? Today and only today, I want to know some of your worst dates ever, and let it all out, let it fly.

I want to read these things.

You want to know one of mine?

It was a recent date.

I was with a talker.

She just talked at me non stop. I felt like I was in shock with words.

She went from one subject to the next to the next my eyes started getting glazed over.

I couldn’t even comprehend what was going on.

Then, I would say something and she would go right back to talking again.

And then  even as I was with her, she had some more talking to do. Then, at the end of the date, she looked at me as I walked her to her car and said “call me.”

Call me, let’s talk more. And I’m thinking, what do you mean? Right?

And she said “just call me, call me from your car, let’s keep talking.” And I’m thinking, like really, let’s keep being talked at? She had no concept, she was over-talking and I was under-talking.

That’s my story. Down below, tell me what the worst date is that you’ve ever had? I want to hear from the men, I want to hear from the women, I want to read this stuff.