Back from a long trip to Europe, and back with my Sunday football picks. My record is currently at 17-3 and I’m ready to keep my good record with this week’s picks.

This week I predict the Texans will win over the Bills. The Bears will beat the Browns. The Lions will win over the Rams. The Jets will defeat the Dolphins. The Chargers will win over the Raiders. The Cardinals will beat the Panthers.

The Saint and the Colts will remain unbeaten, but the Broncos will fall to the Ravens. As for the two “big games” today, I am predicting the Giants will win over the Eagles and Favre will gome home crying in defeat.

Have a great Sunday, and let’s get to today’s blog!

At a recent Bootcamp, I had a conversation with the guys about what I call window shopping your life. I had a conversation about challenging yourself. (This, by the way, is a great example of what we work on during my Bootcamp weekends!)

Most of us window shop in our own lives. Many of us have had tragedies in our lives. As humans, it’s natural to want to change our lives after we survive a catastrophe, but it’s also human that we rarely stick with that plan to change.

We always sweep things under the rug. We all do this. It’s just the way things work. We get shocked into doing something or making a change, but we can’t help continuing to window shop.

So what do I mean when I say that we window shop our lives? It means that we fail to take action and really lead the kind of life we map out for ourselves. We go back to not being fully alive, and just wishing and wanting for the life we want to live.

The term window shopping is a good description, because it is as if we have a glass barrier between our life and the life we want. We can see it, but there is something in our way from actually living it.

A lot of people see this barrier as something that keeps them from having the life they want. In reality, though, we are capable of having that life right now if we take the steps to get it.

Why do we think we can’t have this life? We buy into false limitations. We don’t want to face that we need to take more action.

I often call people who just wait for things to happen in life “waiters.” They want things to change, and they keep hoping things will change on their own without them having to take any action on their part.

Once you begin to stop window shopping and to stop waiting, you will see how much time you’ve been wasting kicking back that you could have been spending living the life you want.

Life is too short, and you only get one! If you don’t take the opportunities now, when are you going to take them? So stop window shopping. Stop waiting. Take action today and start to really live the life you want.