Let Your Man Drive Your RelationshipLet Him Drive!

That’s right, let him drive. Allow him to be the man in the relationship. Too many women just don’t know how to do that.

And it drives us nuts.

It’s emasculating.

The other day a friend of mine called me up.

He was with his wife.

They were playing softball with their daughter.

He was trying to teach his daughter how to play.

His wife undercut him.

She said “No, bat like this” and “you should do this”. Meanwhile, her husband is a former professional baseball player!

That’s his sport. He was trying to teach her to glide through and make contact.

His wife was trying to teach her daughter to swing. Then she said “Look at the way the other girl is hitting, just swinging the bat. Swing at the ball”.

He looked at her and said “I got this covered”.

She didn’t understand but in that moment she turned him off sexually and emotionally. I’d say for a good week, maybe two.

She emasculated him. She didn’t let him drive. She didn’t allow him to be the man with his daughter.

I know a lot of you are thinking right now as a woman, “But she was trying to help”.

She was trying to help but she didn’t understand how that little interaction emasculated her man.

He allows her to mother their daughter the way she needs. He doesn’t criticize her. He was just trying to be the dad, trying to drive the car at that moment. And that is such a powerful, emasculating moment for a man.

It’s amazing how many women do this on a regular basis.

It can come out on a date too. Maybe a first date. If you make more money and you think you are being nice and pick up the check.

Guys need to pay. Men (real men) need to feel like they are providing in that moment. It doesn’t matter if he knows you make more than he does

You can’t do this to a man.

It’s important when you communicate with a man. You need to think and watch his reactions. Watch him. Is he going to his cave, does he look at you with disappointment at that moment. To you it may not seem like anything, you may be thinking to yourself that you were just being nice, you were participating, you were being part of what being a couple is all about. But in reality you probably do that a lot. And you’re not allowing him to be the man.

So look at your behaviors when you’re in relationships, look at these moments. How does your man react. Does he pull back, does he get quiet?.

Because usually a man at this moment will get very, very quiet. He’ll probably walk away. He’ll stop whatever he was doing. The smile will disappear from his face.

Don’t emasculate him. Allow him to drive that car because when you do this, you are empowering him as a man. He in turn, will feel better about himself and your relationship.

So the next time you’re in this mode, check him out. Watch him retreat. He doesn’t want to go to that cave but he’s going there because it’s safe and secure.

Let me tell you something, what goes through his head. He’ll go back to every single moment you’ve acted that way. He’ll feel frustrated; he’ll feel angry. He’ll feel cortisol release inside his body as a reaction to the stress. He’ll get really pissed off, and say something to you. But it won’t be clear, because we’re not the best communicators in situations like that.

And he’ll be a little testy. You, in turn, will go into probably defense mode, and you’ll say, “I was just trying to help”. But you’re not looking at the bigger picture. You’re not looking at that moment that you chopped off his balls in front of his kid.

So watch if a man reacts a certain way. Take a step back. You’re compassionate, you’re loving, you’re warm, you understand things. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Wow, did I say something that might have offended him? “Did I undercut him? “Did I let him drive ”?

Remember, he’s a man and needs to feel like one. The man you want him to be.

You’re going to find this very simple little trick, technique, whatever you want to call it, is going to help you understand men better and have a better relationship.