PodcastWithHeadPhonesdavidwygantDo you realize that the majority of things that trigger you now are things that were programmed into your subconscious mind as a kid?

Everyday, something triggers us that doesn’t make sense.

The logical brain will look at an issue and think, “I should be able to do this. I’ve read XXX, I’ve done YYY, I’ve taken ZZZ courses…”

But your subconscious mind is so deeply programmed, that so much of that surface level stuff doesn’t matter.

So join me today as we talk about the subconscious mind, your childhood programming, and how you can eliminate a lot of it, especially the ego.

Today’s podcast explores a very deep subject that’s very personal to me.

This is something that I used to really struggle with, and I want to help as many women as possible get past this issue. I strongly suggest you listen to every single word and past this podcast on to as many people as you can.