It’s Friday night. You’re a bit tired from the week’s work. You think to yourself, “I really should go out tonight and meet people. I’d love to meet somebody, really connect with somebody for a change, have some face-to-face time with an interesting new person.”

You take a deep breath. You sigh, say, “Well . . . maybe not tonight, I’m comfortable right now. I’m cozy in my house.” So you get undressed slowly. Maybe wash up a bit, run a bubble bath. You slip into your pajamas, maybe slip on your little shorts and a comfy oversized t-shirt.

Now you’re starting to get in the mood a bit. You put on some soft music, dim the lights down, and you say to yourself, “Hmm . . . maybe I’ll get my toys out tonight and have a little fun. I’ll go out next week to meet someone special, but for tonight it’ll just be me and my electronic toys to keep me satisfied.”

So there you are, another night, home alone with your electronic toys.

But as you’re home alone stimulating yourself with your toys, you start to think how you’re almost addicted to the whole thing. It’s just easier than the effort you have to put in to go out and get some real human contact. “This is ridiculous,” you say to yourself. “I really need to stop relying on these toys to satisfy my needs. I should really force myself to go out, meet new people, find someone who I connect with, and then I wouldn’t be so electronic-toy-dependent.”

So you stare at the toy you’ve got in your hand and think to yourself how you can stop using this thing. It’s always so fun with it. It allows you to dream and to fantasize in any which way you want. So how do you break up with it?

Two Guys With Man Vibrators

You need to say to your toy, “How do I stop you from sucking me into your world? Damn you, electronic toy! You’re killing my social life, and it’s time for me to cut you off! I don’t care if I can play golf as Tiger Woods, and I don’t care if I can be Michael Vick in Madden NFL. You’re killing my chances and meeting people. Damn you, X-Box, stop sucking me into this electronic world!”

If you’re one of those guys that gets stuck in electronic gamer-land and you’re frustrated about your social life, it’s time your really started limiting your electronic toy time and went out to meet some new people. There is no X-Box game that teaches you how to meet women. There’s no X-Box game where you can go and practice your conversation skills with women. Really the only thing your X-Box does is ruin your chances at becoming a social person, you’re allowing yourself to rely on your electronic crutch so much that you don’t even care about the real world out there that’s so much more fun to play in.

So the next time you get the urge to mentally masturbate inside your X-Box, I suggest you go out and start talking to people instead. Every time you’re about to reach for the electronic toy, head out instead and break that X-Box habit.