fear womenThis blog is for all you guys who fear women. Especially when you’re out and about trying your hardest to approach and make conversation with them. Last weekend my friend Kim, my Head Coach Brett, and I went to this party.

It was my friend’s birthday party. And it was fun, IF you wanted to live through role reversal. I was actually the object of women suffering with approach anxiety.

Kimberly thinks it’s a trip when we go out because women will just stare at me and say absolutely nothing.  One woman stared at me from the corner the whole night. She never said a single word, giving me that creepy guy vibe.

Another woman walked over to talk to Kim and I and gave us the interview questions.  “Where do you live? What do you do for fun? Where are you from?”

I told her I was from Mars thinking maybe that would elicit a personality.  But no; she said nothing and just drew a blank “uh huh.”  And I said “no I’m from the North East too.”

“Really where?” She asked.

“Connecticut.” I reply.

“Is that where your family still is?” She asked.

And like the conversation was so boring, like do you really care where my family lives are you going to go visit them this summer?  Are you going to go hang out with them on the Cape?

Then another woman used one of the most famous lines ever. I walked up to her, she moved one way I moved the other, and she said “Shall we dance?”

I said “Absolutely let’s dance.”

And then she had no follow up, none, she just stood there, like a brick.  Like a lump of coal not knowing what to say or what to do.  She was cute too!  She was probably a woman that most you guys would have been attracted to.  I probably would have been too if she’d had a comeback.  

Then there was another one that walked in and just stared at me.  I mean, absolutely stared at me. She wouldn’t stop staring it actually started to creep me out.

Kim and I decided to leave the party. She looks at me and does the typical guy bad line, “Are you guys leaving?”

“Yeah!  It was great talking to you.” I said with a big smile on my face.

She goes “Yeah uh huh.” And that was it. No comeback whatsoever!

You see guys women suffer from approach anxiety just like you.  They sometimes suck at conversation. It was a night full of small talk.  There was zero sexual energy in the room, and most of the women needed a fashion makeover.

So here’s the deal: you have to stop giving your power away to women all the time, because they equally suck at flirting. There really is no need to fear women.

They can see a guy that they’re attracted to and have no idea what the hell to do!  So they throw a stupid guy line out there and that’s what the night was all about.  It was one guy line after another.  I felt like I was in my own boot camp trying to coach these women away from the guy line.

In life, you just have to go for it.  You’ve got to say to yourself, “Hey I’m going to flirt, I’m going to talk, and I’m going to be interested.”

But here’s another thing too, you just won’t have chemistry with certain people.

I didn’t have chemistry with any of these women and I didn’t care.  Sometimes I want to look at a woman and go “You know why force this conversation any more than it already is?  This conversation is absolutely boring for the both of us.”

You don’t need to force it.  Learn the difference guys. Put it out there, start talking and realize that women have equally bad conversation skills when they’re intimidated by someone they’re attracted to.  

Talk to somebody like they’re a living, breathing person.  If the conversation’s that bad then walk away and realize you have no chemistry. It was amazing walking around the party tonight. Unbelievable.  Bad pickup lines left and right. But look, I want to make approaching women EASY for you.

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I gaurantee you’ll lose your fear of approach!