There is a new breed of man floating around the world.

According to women, he’s charming and meets you for drinks.

He blows up your phone with compliments, he texts, he remember things, and he flirts like crazy.

So a few dates in, the woman—who is wired for romantic comedies—gives up, gives in, and has sex with him.

They sleep over. He actually makes her breakfast—everything is fantastic.

And then what happens?

He texts her. He says that he’s been busy and stressed, and that he didn’t forget about her.

So what do women do in that situation? They give him a second chance.

She calls him again. They go out for drinks. He becomes charming again.

But she’ll start to feel like something is a little off, so she asks:

“Do you want a girlfriend?”

And he’ll say, “Yes, of course. Not just a fuck buddy, I want a girlfriend.”

So what happens?

The man sleeps over, they cuddle, he makes her breakfast, then…nothing.  Again.

There are lots of men who do this—tons of them. And I’m going to tell you why you never want to be that man.

There are plenty of women that just want sex. There are plenty of women that want a booty call. There are plenty of women that want relationships.

But what women really crave is a man that’s honest. So many times in dating, people just aren’t honest. They always mask their intentions.

And what turns a woman on most is honesty. Deep honesty.

When I don’t want a relationship, I always just tell women this:

“Look, I like you, I respect you, I think you are a wonderful person; except I am not looking for anything right now. I wouldn’t mind sleeping with you because I find you beautiful, but I don’t want to take you down an emotional path that you don’t deserve to go.”

I give her the option. And a lot of the times, she will end up sleeping with me. And the times she doesn’t, I am pretty glad that she didn’t.

Because I will run into her six months to a year later, and she will still be single, I will be single, and she will remember how honest I was. And at that point, I might be ready for a relationship.

It is all about being open, it is all about being honest, and it is about stating your intentions.

Plenty of women out there that will sleep with you without you lying to them. Just don’t take them down an emotional path that they don’t deserve to travel down.