You deserve a perfect 10.

Wait a second, what is David talking about? I thought he didn’t like the number stuff. I thought he said a guy that calls women 7, 8, 9s, and 10s was immature. I thought he said that there is only a “one” and a “two”: one, you want to hang with; two, you don’t. What is he talking about, the “perfect 10”?

When I talk about a “perfect 10” I’m talking about everything that you want—that’s your perfect 10. Everything that you deserve is your perfect 10.

You should never use the number system to rate women; it is a little immature, and it is a little ridiculous. Not only that, but it just makes you look like an idiot if anybody ever hears you talking that way. Plus, you’re not perfect, so why should you be rating other people?

So, here is what is important about the perfect 10: the perfect 10 is somebody that you are so ridiculously attracted to that she is a perfect 10. She’s amazing; she’s hot; she’s sexy; and here’s the deal: you need to find your version of the perfect 10 because otherwise, you’re never going to be satisfied.

If you’re constantly settling on women that really don’t rock your world, that you don’t find absolutely beautiful inside and out, you’re constantly going to be looking, you’re constantly going to be wondering what else there is out there.

Every guy deserves his perfect 10. And you should never be influenced by your friends. If you think a woman is absolutely, incredibly gorgeous; if you think she’s sexy as can be; if you think she’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen—stop getting validated by your friends.

If your friends tell you that you can do better, what does that matter? The only thing that matters is how you feel, how you look at that woman, and what you think of her—not what your friends think. You don’t need her to walk into a party and be a head-turner. What’s important is what you think about her.

So, you’re perfect 10 is going to be somebody that you say wow to, that you think is amazing, that you find sexy all the time. So, stop being influenced by outside sources. Stop trying to prove yourself through outside sources, and start looking at the people you date, and ask yourself: is she the person that is going to turn me on? Is she the person that’s a perfect 10 on the inside? Is she the women that is going to rock my world in every way, shape, and form?

If you’re not with a woman that you think is the perfect 10, you need to let her go. Get back out there, start talking it up, and get serious about finding your perfect 10.