Are you always assuming the negative?

If someone doesn’t get back to you, you start assuming the negative.

You start creating this really negative story inside your mind.

“Ooh, they didn’t get back to me because…” and then you list all the reasons why in your negative head—why the person didn’t get back to you.

You then engage your friends, and ask, “Why do you think they didn’t get back to me?” And then you all sit down and create a whole story that doesn’t even exist—you just keep assuming.

Or maybe you text somebody, and they don’t get back to you.  And then you send them another text saying:

Hey, obviously you don’t want to hang…

Obviously? Maybe that somebody was busy.

I hate when people do that to me.  To be honest—since it’s extreme honesty month—it drives me up the wall.

I didn’t get back to you because I had something else going on.  I wasn’t living by my phone.  I didn’t have it in my hip constantly.  I don’t answer my texts 24/7. I’m not some doctor, on-call.

Basically the reason why I wouldn’t text somebody back immediately is because I have a life, and the life that I’m living is more interesting than being glued to my phone.

The next time you go on creating a story in your mind, think to yourself: maybe this person is enjoying their day and having a life.

Get out of your head. Get out of the negativity zone. And if you are in that negative zone, don’t communicate with anyone from that place.

Don’t send the negative follow up text.

Don’t call and leave the annoyed voicemail message.

Be cool. Go out, have fun, and let everything happen as it should.