Peyton ManningYou know what I love about Peyton Manning?  He’s so sharp, and his desire to succeed is unbelievable. His intensity, and his knowledge of the game is far and beyond that of almost any other person that’s ever played it. He wants it so bad. He raises level play with every player he plays with.

To me life is a giant game. I enjoy every moment. I don’t allow anything to set me back. I truly believe life is there for the taking. I believe in its endless possibilities. I don’t put limitations on myself. I don’t place limitations on my business. I don’t place limitations on my social life. Peyton Manning plays football the same way. He plays with no limits.

So why aren’t you living the same way? Why do you place limitations on your life?

I know some of you are more open-minded, but a lot of you love putting limitations on yourself. And here’s the difference between the Peyton Manning’s of the world, and the people who limit themselves…

People who place limitations on themselves don’t want to do the work. They don’t want to do the small things really well, and they don’t want to put in the effort needed to become successful. But they blame a lack of belief in the limitation.

To become successful you need belief, but you also need to become great at the small things. You see life is just a series of tiny things building themselves on top of other tiny things. Do you think Peyton Manning wants to go to practice every day still? Of course not!

But he goes because he knows it takes work and small improvements every day to become great. You need to fine tune your social skills in all situations. That way come game time, when you meet a woman you’re really attracted to, you’re ready and you won’t blow it. Think of it that way. Look at the big picture.

It’s like the Karate Kid wax on wax off moments. It’s those moments which will allow you to become the man you desire to be. So wherever you’re at, stay with it, and keep working on the little things.

As for Peyton, he’s playing tomorrow with the Broncos. I know he has a well-practised game plan, so let’s see what happens!