I want to talk about the importance of doing a “daily dump” every day. In life, it’s really important to be able to dump your thoughts each day, so that you can understand yourself better — the dynamics of who you are, where you are in your life and what your goals are.

When you’re very clear in your goals, you’ll then start attracting the women you actually want. I was speaking the other night with a client who said that he always seems to get insecure women who need to be fixed. I told him that if those are the type of women he keeps getting, it means that he is also insecure and needs to be fixed.

You always get who you are. We never get what we want if that is not something we are ourselves. That is something that everyone needs to learn.

The reason that we only get who we are is because life is a mirror. If you’re with someone who is so stubborn that you constantly feel like strangling them, then guess what? You’re stubborn too.

So instead of pointing the finger at everyone else, it’s always better to start pointing the finger at yourself. Instead of yelling at your partner and telling them that they are the most stubborn person on the planet, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I am the most stubborn person I have ever met.”

When you do that, you will start to open up a bit. You’ll start to become more raw, more vulnerable and less controlling.

People who are stubborn are very controlling. They dole out affection only when they decide they want to do so. They buy gifts sometimes based on love, but other times based on control.

By doing a “daily dump” and really keeping a record of your thoughts, you can re-read your thoughts and see how far you’ve progressed in your life. Not only that, but through that process you will grow and stop blaming others for the life that you have. Always point the finger back at yourself.

So the next time someone really irritates you and you are thinking that they are the most unreasonable person in the world, I want you to go to the mirror and tell yourself, “Joe, you really irritated me, but I am also the most unreasonable person in the world. We mirror each other to teach each other life’s greatest lessons.”

The question is, are you ready to embrace those lessons, or do you want to keep attracting the same kind of people over and over again into your life? That’s the question I pose to all of you today.