How many of you are on Tinder? For those of who have been on under a rock, let me explain to you what Tinder is. Tinder is an online dating app that you can download to your mobile phone. Every day there’s new pictures of women.  You swipe left if you don’t want them, swipe right if you want them. The key to Tinder is that the women also need to swipe right, then you’re a match.

Tinder is designed for the male mind. Pictures of women non- stop. Quick images. No words. It’s addictive. It’s like the crack of dating. The second you’re on it, you become addicted to it, because you believe or think that one of these women will be yours. There’s constantly new women coming in, there’s constantly new things going on. But here’s a big issue. There’s no emotional connection on Tinder at all.

With women, in order for them to get involved or engaged, there needs to be an emotional connection. You see, they might agree and think you’re cute. They might swipe right as well.  But this is where all hell breaks loose. Women on Tinder act like little teenagers. Constantly texting, never meeting up.  A lot of them won’t even give you a phone number.

They stay on Tinder and text you for weeks, like they’re looking for some type of virtual friend, or they’re getting some form of validation from it. I’m not saying that Tinder is total waste of time, I know many people that have hooked up, and had great sex. Then there are some people that have met people on Tinder they’ve actually dated. But for the majority of people…

Tinder is a complete time suck, because it’s an illusion. It’s an illusion that enables you to think they you’re actually going to meet somebody. Once again we’ve got to go back to what women are looking for. Women are about an emotional connection. It’s hard if you’re not a great texter to get a women to feel emotionally connected to you.

So even if you get her phone number, it’s still a lot of small talk. Even if you call her, most of the time she won’t pick it up or even call you back.

It’s about making an emotional connection. So how do you get that emotional connection with women on Tinder? Well, you’ve got to become a really good writer, and you’ve got to be able to push buttons, and you’ve got to be able to challenge them. That’s why the average guy is having a difficult time on Tinder.

Today’s video is all about why women on Tinder suck.

I figured that title would grab you, but also make you feel better if you’re frustrated with online dating or frustrated with Tinder. It’s not your fault. You’re probably not a great texter. You’re probably not the best communicator and you probably don’t know how to create an emotional connection quickly.

Today’s video is definitely going to open your eyes, enlighten you and get you stay positive about the things you’re doing. Because you need that once in a while.