How many of you see women that you want to meet on the street?

I’m sure every day you walk down the street and think to yourself “If only I had the legs, if I only was in the physical shape to run after her and say something.” 

Yet every day, pick up artist, PUA-style men, will run after women huffing and puffing trying to stop them on the street.  These women are on their way to appointments. They’re on their way to work, and they don’t have the time to be harassed by a guy who can’t read the simple signs of a person in a rush.

Yet some men think this is a great way to meet women. Now, I’m not dissing meeting women on the street.  There’s a time and a place for everything.  But what I’m about to share with you in today’s video is why women can’t stand PUA mentality. I’m also going to discuss what PUA mentality says about you.

I want you to put yourself in the mind of a woman right now. I want to think of yourself on your average workday:

Your boss just gave you a new project. You’ve got 10 minutes to go out and get lunch. You’ve got a meeting directly after lunch. You are walking down the street quickly because you don’t want to be late.  Your mind is preoccupied with many different thoughts on a regular Tuesday afternoon. Then all of a sudden this woman stares at you in a very creepy way.

Almost like she hasn’t eaten in five years. You walk by her. You feel her energy as she stares at you, and you feel something is a little off. As you’re walking briskly to back to work that same woman is creepily looking at you and is now breathing audibly down your neck. You hear footsteps coming towards you, and the huffing and puffing.

The next thing you know, she appears right in front of you and starts talking your ear off. She uses the most with ridiculous pick-up line.  You look at her like she’s crazy. You are preoccupied with your day, your life, your job.  It’s a work day for crying out loud. And she’s talking your ear off using pick-up lines, driving you nuts.

It’s creepy. Something I teach is – if you’re going to walk up to a woman on the street, read the signs ahead of time. It’s very easy to see somebody that’s rushing, somebody that’s huffing, somebody that’s puffing, somebody that’s preoccupied.

I know your excuse right now is probably – everybody is always preoccupied, and if you didn’t take the chance, you’d never be able to meet her. But on a Saturday or a Sunday or at night, when they aren’t preoccupied with work, you see people strolling down the streets. These rookie guys who run after women, chasing them down the street, scare the hell out of every single one of them.

I’ve got no problem teaching men how to carefully and selectively meet women on the street. What I won’t have is men scaring women because they’re desperate for sex. It’s not a good situation for anyone.  In today’s video, we’re going to go through specifically why women hate PUA, how to avoid being a PUA and how to avoid looking like a PUA.

Women don’t want to be picked up. They want to be seduced. Women want to have a serendipitous moment. They don’t want some crazed maniac who’s out of shape running after them, spewing out vomit pick-up lines. Did I make my point?

Watch today’s video. You’re going to understand deeper why this PUA — Pick-up Artist mentality — does not work.