The weekend is coming up. Aren’t you excited… Mr. 9 to 5?

I’m not saying that as an insult to you Mr. 9 to 5, but the weekend feels like a fucking hamster wheel you can never get off.

Think about it, the weekend is set up as an illusion.

You spend all week trying to figure out what you’re going to do Friday night.

That’s right, you’re going to find the place. The place that’s going to deliver the girl. The girl you want. The girl you’ve always wanted. The dream girl. The one you fucked up with the week before.

You figure you’ll back to Zack’s Bar and Grill, or Hank’s Club, or Club Tatiana.

You’re going to go back and you’re going to say exactly what you didn’t say the week before to the girl you blew it with, when she was leaving last Friday night.

You figured out what you are going to say to her. You spent the entire week percolating in your brain what you will say to her next time you see her at the club. You’re going to say the magic thing you didn’t say the week before.

Oh, that fucking hamster wheel is beautiful because when you get there she’s either A: not there, or B: you don’t say what you were going to say because you realize it’s inappropriate now because you’re no longer in that moment. You can’t tell her the valet is slow because now she’s getting a drink.

Get my drift?

It’s a damn hamster wheel. So you suck down cocktail after cocktail after cocktail and get nice and buzzed. You empty your wallet and you take your credit card up to the max.

Then you wake up in the morning and get your butt to some gym.

You’re all hung over. You get to the gym and you get your Saturday workout in.

While you’re doing your Saturday workout you’re texting your friends, trying to think how you’re going to redeem yourself, because it is now Saturday night.Hamster

You’re going to redeem yourself, and you’re going to be able to go and meet her again. Her, the blonde from the night before, or whoever it might be.

So, you’re going to go out and drop some more money. That’s right, you’re going to drop some more bucks man. You’re going to take that credit card up a little higher. You’re going to cash that paycheck and deplete some more money from it.

And, what’s going to happen?

The same thing that always happens.

The illusion is going to come to a reality. You’ll realize that you didn’t do what you thought you would do. You didn’t meet who you wanted to meet, and now you have to wait until next weekend to do it all over again.

Mr. 9 to 5.

How is that serving you? How is that working for you? How is that making you feel as you read these words? How do feel as you leave the club without the girl?

Am I right? Or are you pissed off at me because I’m so right that it’s making you angry?

As I’m writing this, dictating, I’m working out at noon on a Monday. I haven’t showered yet because I don’t do the 9 to 5 grind. I’ve created a life that I want and I also create opportunities as I go.

So, what am I going to do after this? I’m going to run home and make a call. I’m going to shower and I’m going to meet my friend for lunch at 1.15pm at a little place where there will be tons of women. Women who did the 9 to 5 hamster wheel, going out Friday and Saturday night, dating and trying to meet men.

They’ll be there and they didn’t meet anyone on the hamster wheel.

The women that will be sitting next to me at lunch will not be half drunk and half naked. They won’t be texting on their phones consistently about where to go or how to avoid Mr. Drunken 9 to 5.

They’re going to be sitting there all wide open, eating a healthy lunch, and it will be easy to get their eyes off their iPhone because they don’t expect it. They’re not dealing with the expectation of Friday or Saturday night.

We will slowly have a nice conversation, and they’ll hand over their phone numbers like the ticket guy at the baseball game, or the popcorn guy at the movies.

You see, I’m trying to make your life easy. Easy means thinking outside the box and living outside the box and doing things like you’ve never done them before.

I’m also trying to save you lots of money because this lunch I’m about to go eat, and the conversation I’m about to go have, might run me $19.

I won’t have any regrets afterwards. I won’t wake up feeling lousy the next day because I have too much sugar and booze running through my veins. I don’t need to go to the gym and try to sweat it all out.

All I need to do is pay my $19 check and enjoy my friend’s company. Enjoy the women that I meet, and make a plan to meet one of them later on in the week. Probably on a Friday night when all of you are out there doing the 9 to 5 let’s go let loose Friday night action and spend $150 at some stupid place.

I’ll just go out for a nice movie or a nice dinner with somebody because there are great little places all around me that for $40 you get a great meal. I’ll enjoy the company, and I’ll wake up Saturday morning and hit the gym. I won’t be angry and full of testosterone because I didn’t get laid or hookup and I’m hung over.

I’ll go to the gym because I got a good night’s sleep. I’ll wake up, have a good breakfast, get to the gym clear headed and have a great workout. A workout where my body is not trying to eliminate toxins, it is nurturing itself.

My body is actually growing and getting stronger. You see, every alcohol-induced morning after workout is just eliminating the toxins. Your body isn’t growing. Your mind isn’t expanding.

Do I have your attention? Are you ready to live a life that’s different, or do you want to continue to be Mr. 9 to 5?