tv ruins your lifeI was watching the Green Bay/Seattle game last week in complete heaven. My favorite sport, football is back for 17 weeks of pure pleasure, leading to 3 weeks of playoffs and 1 week of Super Bowl. That’s right…

I’m now happy until February. As happy as I am when football starts, I’m equally as happy when it’s over because commitment of this long drives me nuts. Anyway, I’m watching and there’s a preview for some Deborah Messing show. If you don’t know her, Deborah Messing is the actress from Will and Grace. The show is called, “The Baddest Mother.”

They showed a scene where there’s a man pointing a gun at her. This guy is pointing a gun in her face and she just walks over to him before punching him. Seriously, what woman (or man for that matter) is dumb enough to walk up to someone pointing a gun at them to punch them in the face?

Television is just retarded. I’m sorry for being politically incorrect, but it really is. It’s pure stupidity. Is it supposed to be funny?

Are you supposed to think it’s believable or are you supposed to laugh at it?

There are people who spend every single evening watching TV all night long just wasting their life away. They spend hours sitting in front of the idiot box as my Mom and Dad used to call it when I was growing up. They go from watching one show to the next. If you’re someone who sits staring at the TV for hours, it tells me you’re not experience enough of life.

Are You Striving For Something Amazing In Your Life?

If you spend hours in front of the TV it means your life is so boring it isn’t entertaining you enough. You have so little entertainment in your life, you need a bunch of people to write stupid scripts about women walking up to a gun wielding maniac, and punching him in the face. And don’t even get me started on reality shows.

I can tell you for a fact reality shows aren’t real. You know how I know? I know I’ve been on them. People are as real as they can possibly be with a camera in their face. People are as real as they can be knowing a camera is following them everywhere. I mean, let’s talk about “The Bachelor.”

That’s a real show!

When are you going to have the opportunity to go into a mansion and have 25 beautiful woman competing for you?

TV is such a complete waste of time. It sits and sucks you dry. Granted, there are a few shows a year that come on and are pretty good, but the majority of stuff that comes on is just a waste of time. Instead of sitting for hours in front of the TV looking for inspiration, read a book, go out somewhere, go to a museum, work on your brain, work on who you are as a person, or communicate with people. Everyone you meet can teach you something about life or yourself. Everyone you meet can share experiences that enrich your life.

Don’t just sit there on the couch, eating Cheetos, sucking down a bottle of sugar water that’s the color of pollution (Coca-cola), and go do something with your life. Go and achieve your goals!