Online dating is literally becoming like In fact, one of my favorite messages to send to women I’m interested in online is, “How’s your man shopping going tonight? I see that you’re online shopping for men. Have you found what you’re looking for? Have you noticed that shipping costs have gone up on some of the guys you really want?”

I’ve used different variations, but it’s something I teach guys in my online dating program. Online dating is literally like shopping on or It’s amazing, there’s so much shopping going on and not nearly enough buying. It’s a paradox of choice. Whenever you go on the online dating sites, there appears to be so many women available to you.

You start cruising through pictures, one after another. Believe me, the online dating sites know exactly what they’re doing. Whenever you go on, they have little buttons that get you to go and click. Women’s pictures keep popping up. It’s amazing. Tinder, does the same thing. Every single time you’re online or looking at an app, you’re being over stimulated. You feel like there are endless, amazing choices.

Here’s the problem…

99% of the women you see you’ll never meet. .

You’re hot for a woman. You email back and forth, and then you drop her and move on to the next one. It happens again and again. Then you realize that none of the “next ones” worked out so you go back to the original. Now the original one doesn’t want to meet you anymore, because she is also onto the next one and the next one.

We used to be; man met woman, woman met man.

You’d run into someone at a party. You were excited and happy that you met somebody. You’d get her phone number and the two of you connected. You actually went out on a date because you didn’t have online dating. You didn’t have this paradox of choice. You didn’t have this giant ‘Amazon Prime’ shopping channel of women. You’d actually end up with a girlfriend.

Now it’s all just noise. Everything single bit of it is just noise because most of the time, you don’t take the time to meet, even for a simple ice cream cone. Today I want you to watch this video. This video is all about online dating, and how it’s the same as shopping on Amazon.

It’s going to blow your mind.