It seems like we live in a world now where we’re searching and being marketed that this perfect person exists.

At no other time in history have we had so many different options to date.

We have online dating.

We have swipe dating like Bumble and Tinder.

We have friends who can hook us up.

We can connect with people on Facebook.

We can actually meet people out and about, although again it seems like that way is vanishing by the minute.

We can read self-help advice 24/7 on the Internet. We can watch an inspirational video.

We can read something about self love, why being alone is such a beautiful thing.

It seems like we’re more alone than ever before, yet more connected than ever before. I know this works in my life and a lot of my friends’ lives.

I haven’t had a relationship in over three years.

I’ve barely had sex this year.

But yet, I feel more connected to people than ever before because I am living in a virtual world.

And I’m being satisfied by it on a regular basis. It’s okay that I’m alone because I can always get on Facebook and instant message somebody. I can read something about somebody. I can look at pictures and people can become virtually alive to me at any given moment.

But here’s what’s missing. Actually being with somebody opens you up, allows you to feel, to cuddle, to snuggle, to kiss, to touch, to make love. But we’re all staying alone because we all don’t want to make a mistake and we’ve all been sold that if we continue to use all the resources that we can we can find somebody who will actually be great for us.

I remember in my 20s and 30s I was always with people. I’d be single, but I’d have a lover or I’d have a booty call, I’d have somebody I can hang with. I always had people connection and that turned me into the social being that I am, the intuitive man that I am. All my great lessons have been learned sharing with somebody else.

But now I’m alone because I just want to meet somebody who’s right for me. But in reality, I’m missing all those beautiful connections. Because Mr. Right Now, or Ms. Right Now for you men that are reading this, actually heals you in ways that you don’t ever imagine.

For instance, you had a relationship that wasn’t a good one. You got into a relationship that wasn’t working, you came out of it, and you met somebody a little while later. They weren’t perfect for you, but they were part of your healing cycle. There was somebody who was loving and attentive and they gave you some of the things that were lacking in your last relationship and gave you hope. They were a preview.

They were a preview. They were a preview of what’s going to happen. They healed you. They gave you faith back in dating. So many people are walking around, they’re angry, they’re tired. They’re sick of the opposite sex. They have stories that are just not healthy.

Our healing cycle is so powerful. We need each other to heal. We need to be touched, we need to be held, we need to be caressed.

We need that healing cycle. That healing cycle is a cycle that will allow us to find love again. So it’s time we gave people a chance and connected and allowed each other to talk and get to know one another and not just wait for the perfect person. Enjoy the preview people, because they lead you to the perfect person to help make you be whole again. We can’t do it all alone. So Mr. Right Now is sometimes better than Mr. No Man.

Just a little word of advice.