God, I can’t stand talkers.

I can’t stand people who talk about things non-stop.

They talk about what their life is going to be like.

They talk about how evolved they are and how alive they are.

They talk about how they want a relationship, they talk about the type of person they want to be. They talk, and they talk, and they talk, and they talk.

But when the actions come, they don’t do, and do, and do.

I have met so many talkers.

I’ve met so many people that will tell me, “I’m going to take your boot camp.”

“I’m going to take your seminar.”

“I’m going to get some coaching to get this part of my life straightened out.”

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

They will send me an e-mail six months later with the same talk that they’re going to do it. I’m going to do this. Talk, talk, talk.

I don’t respect talkers at all. I find their words very empty. People talk to try to convince themselves that they’re actually going to do something. And then they talk to try to convince other people that they’re going to do something. Which in turn, leads to even more talk.

They will talk and talk and talk.

I don’t know why they talk so much. I think they talk due to the fact that they just really want to believe that they actually might get something done in the future. But in reality, I see through the talkers. People who do, don’t talk. Their actions support their beliefs. Their beliefs actually become actions.

That, to me, is an empowered way of living. That to me, is a way of living in a very powerful way.

You see, when you’re a doer in life, you might talk. You might strategize, you might talk to some friends and then all of a sudden, you do that to:

  1. Build up your confidence.
  2. To really get some feedback.
  3. To literally do what? Get it done. Because you get and value people’s opinions. The next thing you know a doer is doing something and a talker is continuing to talk.

So today I challenge you. I challenge you to stop talking and start doing. I want you to write down all the things you talk about consistently.

All the things you talk about consistently.

Write them all down. And write down what is stopping you from doing these actual things.

Why are you actually just talking and not doing?

Look, we all procrastinate about certain things. But there is a time in our life where we need to just say fuck it.

We need to say fuck it, and literally go and actually do the stuff we talk about.

So today, your challenge is to write down the things you talk about and figure out why you don’t do it. Then pick one of the things that you see.

And actually do it. Just one, that’s all I’m asking for you to do. You don’t need to stop talking, all you need to do is start doing. Pick one thing that you can achieve today.

And go and actually do it. You’ll feel better. And you’ll also begin a new path of actually getting things done.