Ever date anybody who wakes in the morning and just wants to talk?

You’re lying in bed and they get up way earlier than you do and the minute they get up they just start talking.

About what?  Who knows because you’re not really listening.  All you’re trying to do is go back to sleep.

I’ve never been a morning talker.

Maybe one morning a month I can handle morning-talkers, but usually…no.

What could be so exciting about the morning?

I’ve always been a night talker.  I like lying in bed and talking at night and falling asleep in the middle of the conversation.  That to me is enjoyment.

But having somebody talk in your ear when you first wake up—no, that’s harassment.

I like to ease my way into the day very, very slowly.  I don’t have a cup of coffee.  I just drink a glass of water.

So unless she’s getting me a glass of water and telling me so, then talking to me in the morning is only going to make me annoyed. In fact, morning talkers are almost as annoying as perpetual snoozers.

Have you ever been with somebody who was a perpetual snoozer?  They have to get up at 8:45am, but they set the alarm for 6:45am and then snooze it for the next two hours.

This behavior makes no sense at all.

You could easily just set your alarm for 8:00am and get more rest and maybe snuggle for the next 45 minutes instead. Isn’t that better than ruining the last two hours of my sleep with the constant strum, strum, vibrate, strum, strum, vibrate of your alarm clock?

Look: I don’t have many rules in life, but I must say that when you sleep with meno morning talking and no snoozing allowed.

. . .

So what are some of your bedroom annoyances?

What are things that just drive you nuts?

Can you deal with a morning talker? Or are you one?

Are you a perpetual snoozer?

Share some of your annoyances in the comments below.